Earth Love It Or Leave It Summit

What would it be like if we became stewards of the earth rather than continuously taking everything we can from it? What future could we create if we realised that this is the planet that we will be living on for generations to come? This can only be a reality on planet earth if WE as mankind, make some drastically different choices. And the truth of it is that those choices are not about protesting against pollution, or trying to save the whales, or anything like that. They are the culmination of the consciousness that you’re willing to be and function from, rather than the trauma, drama and misery that we all make more real than us.

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Day 27 Public Speaking

Tweet #allaboutchoices #30daysofvideo #30daysperiscope Public Speaking

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Day 26 Being Present

Tweet How present are you in your life?

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Day 25 Fear Of Public Speaking 3

Tweet #30daysofvideo, #30daysperiscope,#allaboutchoices Day 25 Fear of Public Speaking 3 What are you unwilling to be judged as?

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Day 24 Fear Of Public Speaking 2

Tweet Day 24 Fear Of Public Speaking What if it’s not fear? What could it be?

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Day 23 Fear Of Public Speaking

Tweet Is this you – “I would rather die than speak in public?” Would you like to change it?

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Money Talks #1

Tweet What fun!!!! I just did my first video with German Translation! I love the language 🙂 Rosmarie Manz and I talk about my favourite topic and we also laugh with the Chewbacca Mom. I will be in Gottingen, Germany in July doing a 1 Day Money Circle Workshop based on my book Money Circle.…

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Day 18 All About Choices – Creation

Tweet Do you love creating? Are you sitting on some ideas waiting for the perfect time? What if you could create for the heck of it?

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Day 17 All About Choices – Magic Diary

Tweet What do you desire in your life? Have you ever asked for it? Would you like to have it? You can read more about the Magic Diary in my upcoming book Where Is My Doorway To Possibilities.

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Day 16 All About Choices – Awareness

Tweet How aware are you? Can you read other people’s thoughts? Have you ever acknowledged that?

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Day 15 All About Choices – Linearity

Tweet Do you like working on things in a linear fashion? How’s that working for you? Join us in the No Form No Structure No Significance Playshop

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