Earth Love It Or Leave It Summit

What would it be like if we became stewards of the earth rather than continuously taking everything we can from it? What future could we create if we realised that this is the planet that we will be living on for generations to come? This can only be a reality on planet earth if WE as mankind, make some drastically different choices. And the truth of it is that those choices are not about protesting against pollution, or trying to save the whales, or anything like that. They are the culmination of the consciousness that you’re willing to be and function from, rather than the trauma, drama and misery that we all make more real than us.

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Are You Being Bullied In Your Workplace?

Tweet PD was highly stressed at work. He had been transferred to a new department under a new boss. His boss was very hostile towards him. He refused to provide any on the job training to him. He told PD that he would have to figure out things an his own. All he required was…

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Would You Like To Be More Productive?

Tweet JC one of my clients came to me as he was overwhelmed. He was going on a vacation in a few days and had been just handed a new project at work. This was a huge project which was to be rolled out organization wide in all the companies. He had a key role…

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What’s Stopping You From The Career Success You Deserve?

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Day 34

Tweet I’m really enjoying the videos. Just playing around. I made 3 today. On random things. Enjoy! Video 1 – Sleep Video 2 – How to get Pregnant? Video 3 – Money Talks #3 Join Money Circle Workshop in Göttingen, Germany on July 17 Register –

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Tweet Have you ever had the experience of getting an unexpected bonus or increment and later on in the month you also have an unexpected expenditure for almost the same amount of money, maybe house repairs or a medical bill or something else? Is that a coincidence or something else? In this article I would…

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Day 32 Small Choices or Big Choices


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Money Circle

Tweet How many barriers do you have to receiving money? Do you feel like money is there just in front of you but you don’t have it in hand? Would you like to change it? Money Circle Book – Would you like to host the Money Circle Workshop in your city?

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Day 30 Finale

Tweet The Finale Some random thoughts about my 30 Days Of Periscope challenge….. #allaboutchoices, #30daysofvideo, #30daysperiscope Would you like a deep dive into No Form No Structure No Significance? –

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Day 29 Unchangeable Things

Tweet #30daysofvideo, #30daysperiscope,#allaboutchoices Have you been trying to change something and it’s not changing? HOW TO BECOME MONEY WORKBOOK 100X Do 100X to Get 100 Million ~ Gary Douglas This is what Gary wrote for me when he autographed my Money workbook. I am on a mission to do the Money Workbook 100X. Join me…

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Day 28 Ease Joy Glory

Tweet #30daysofvideo, #30daysperiscope,#allaboutchoices Day 28 Are you affected by trauma, drama, intrigue and upset? Don’t watch this if you would like to hold onto pain, suffering and gory…. FREE TICKET: HOW TO BECOME MONEY LIVESTREAM

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