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What if you could pause today? What would that create in your Universe?

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What choice are you making that is creating this and what else can you choose.

Join me as I interview 27 Access Consciousness Facilitators, including Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness in a 63 day Access Choice-a-thon.

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Can you recall a time where things flowed effortlessly, as of by magic?

What if every day you asked for more of THAT to show up in your life?

What if every day could be magical?

Magic is about the fun of having the things you desire.

The real magic is the ability to have the joy that’s possible, the joy that can be created, the joy that life can be. If you can bring that energy consciously into your life every day, what else might be possible? I guess you’ll have to find out.

The 9 Magical Abilities – The 9 Trannies

The 9 trannies are the source for changing anything in your life and reality. It is what LIVING is truly about.

How many of you have entrained yourself to the physics of this reality? What if you didn’t have to do that anymore? When you are willing to be the 9 trannies, you are functioning in a totally different reality. Things happen as if by magic – everyday…

You’ve all read about people using them. Those are the stories we love the most … when people choose to function beyond this reality. And you’ve all used them – in emergency situations.

The granny who could move the car under which her grandson was trapped…………things which disappear and appear around you………

What if you used the 9 trannies for the joy of it? What would be possible then? What it was just fine for you to be magic everyday? Would anybody notice? No – because it doesn’t fit their reality!

What if you decided that every moment of your life was an emergency? Because it is… If you don’t emerge, nothing is going to happen.

Is it time to emerge?  Judgments, expectations, separations and rejections  stop us from being the 9 trannies all the time.

What are the 9 trannies?

Transformation is the ability to change anything from what it is now into something different.

Transmigration is the ability to move from one location to another without a car, plane, train, or bus – migrating across space.

Transfiguration is the ability to morph something from what it appears to be into something different.

Transsexualness is the ability to change the sexual energy of any moment or anything at will. It means you don’t function from your sexuality as the source of your reality. (Sexuality always requires judgment.)

Transpiration is the ability to change something that is going to transpire in the future and change it into something that doesn’t have to be, so something else can occur.

Transmutation is the ability to change something from what it currently is into something you would like it to be. It is a mutation from what it is into something greater.

Translocation is moving something from one location to another.

Transliteration is about talking in any language and understanding all languages.

Transmogrification is shifting what you look like into something different. You could for example switch your shape from being a man to a woman.

This 1-day class is an invitation to go beyond anything you’ve ever looked at before. Would you be willing to be the magic you truly be? Is now the time?

I would like to invite you to go beyond anything you’ve ever looked at before. The 1-day Magic Body Process class.

In this class we will run 2 Hands On Body Processes that will unlock you from the limitations and energies that stop you from functioning as the Magic you truly be and open you up to functioning as the 9 Trannies.

Magic Body Process Dubai - May 24 -

 Other Classes - 

Anti Ageing Facelift Abu Dhabi - May 18 -

Access Bars Dubai - May 17 -


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Last year in March my mother visited me in Abu Dhabi.

A day before she was to go back, she slipped and fell in the bathroom resulting in a hairline fracture of her rib.

She was in excruciating pain and had to stay on for 3 more days before she boarded her flight back to India in a wheelchair.

Why am I telling you all this?

She healed herself of this by using an amazing Body Process called the Anti Ageing Facelift.

You might say what does a facelift have to do with healing a fracture in the ribs.

And if you look closely, it is an anti Ageing process.

What it does is reverse Ageing in the body. So it reverses all disease and Ageing in the body.

After a month my mother was walking all day entertaining visitors who reported that she wouldn’t be tired after all that walking where they were.

My mother is 62 and recovering from a fracture.

Her visitors were 24.

When I saw her again in December, she looked totally amazing.

Her skin glowed.

It was soft and supple to touch.

All pigmentation had vanished from her face. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her face.

Woohooo! Her secret – She has been doing the Anti Ageing Facelift everyday for 10 minutes since March.

I will be teaching this amazing Body Process along with one for Correcting Vision and one for Holding Patterns that keep Pain in place.

There are no prerequisites for any of these Body Classes and are open to all.

Anti Ageing Facelift Abu Dhabi - May 18 -

Access Bars Dubai - May 17 -

Magic Body Process Dubai - May 24 -


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All of last year I was struggling with money. I had barely any clients. My classes were getting cancelled. There was no money. I got really frustrated and said, this has to change and it has to change really fast!

This year I have made more money in 3 months than I have made in the last 3 years. I have more money in my account than I know what to do with. Life is good.

I’d like to share with you the 3 steps I used to have more money.


    Create a separate account and put away 10% of your earnings every month in this account.

    Why is this important? We get money, we spend money. Money is always coming and going. But we never HAVE money. Think about it.

    Putting away 10% of your earnings every month into your I HAVE MONEY account and not touching it, allows that money to grow and you HAVE money. The more this money grows, the more money you HAVE show up in your life.

    When this money has grown large enough, and this could be different for each person, you will cease to worry about money ever again.

    Put away money into this account as an honoring of you!

    Never ever touch this money. People who spent this money saw a reduction in their earnings.


    Carry a large amount of money with you always. It should be a big enough amount to make you feel rich and prosperous. Again this is different for different people.

    Again it is about having the vibration of a large amount of money with you which contributes to your life, so you have more and more showing up.


    The Bars are 32 points on the head where we store thoughts, feelings, emotions, patterns, behaviours etc about different areas of our life. There is a Bar called the Money Bar where we store all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgements about having money, not having money, receiving money, not receiving money, spending money, saving money, hoarding money and so on. In every Bars session you release limitations and blocks which have been stored from thousands of years.

    Releasing all this stuff from your Money Bars starts to open up your channel of receiving and you have more money coming in.

    Running your Money Bar every night for 6-7 months will change your financial reality forever.

How Do You Learn The Bars?

I will be teaching Bars Classes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Click on the cities below to learn more.

Abu Dhabi – May 11

Dubai – May 17

Classes This Month In The UAE

Access Bars Abu Dhabi

May 11

Energetic Facelift Abu Dhabi

May 18 

Access Bars Dubai

May 17  

Access Body Class Dubai

May 24 

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