Earth Love It Or Leave It Summit

What would it be like if we became stewards of the earth rather than continuously taking everything we can from it? What future could we create if we realised that this is the planet that we will be living on for generations to come? This can only be a reality on planet earth if WE as mankind, make some drastically different choices. And the truth of it is that those choices are not about protesting against pollution, or trying to save the whales, or anything like that. They are the culmination of the consciousness that you’re willing to be and function from, rather than the trauma, drama and misery that we all make more real than us.

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Day 14 All About Choices – Procrastination

Tweet Are you a procrastinator? Is that really true?

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Day 13 All About Choices – Potency

Tweet When you have difficulties show up in your body, what is behind that? Are you avoiding something?

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Day 12 All About Choices – Body

Tweet When you have pain or disease show up in your body how do you look at it? What if you didn’t define it? What if you didn’t label it as pain or disease or infection or fever? What would no form no structure no significance with bodies be like? Explore it with Ritu Motial…

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Day 11 All About Choices – Need For Appreciation

Tweet Are you constantly seeking appreciation? Even when you get appreciation do you actually receive it? What would no form no structure no significance in Business / Career be like? Explore it with Ritu Motial and me

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Day 10 All About Choices – Different

Tweet Is there one right, good, perfect, correct choice of doing something? Is that really true? In how many different ways can you do the same thing? What would no form no structure no significance in relationships be like? Explore it with Ritu Motial and me

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Day 9 All About Choices – Being Perfect

Tweet How much do you stop you because you have to be perfect? How much do you procrastinate with your creations because you judge them? Would you like a different choice with this? Are you trying to create a “perfect” relationship? How’s that working for you? What would no form no structure no significance in…

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Day 1 Talking About Choices

Tweet A few days ago I got inspired to start a 30 Day Periscope Challenge ie basically a video a day on Periscope. This is the first video I created. I wanted to do a Portrait Orientation. Obviously I couldn’t figure it out so you have to turn your head or your device to watch…

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Day 8 All About Choices – Money

Tweet ‪#‎30daysofvideo‬, ‪#‎30daysperiscope‬, ‪#‎allaboutchoices‬ Day 8 In how many different ways can money come to you? In today’s video I lead you through an exercise from our No Form No Structure No Significance Playshop. Keep a pen and paper handy for this one. No Form No Structure No Significance with Money. How would that be…

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The Value Of You

Tweet How do you define the value of you? The way you define the value of you has a deep rooted consequence in how you show up in the world. The Lies Of Value Most people come to a value of themselves based on the following- 1. What You Do Is the value of you…

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Vulnerability and Art

Tweet   Vulnerability is a big thing. I really work with it very consciously when I’m creating or when I’m performing, and it’s true. If you choose that consciously, things can shift and become more ease and fun. Artists often say “This piece is my baby! I have to show it to people!” and if…

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