Money Meditation



Found a great Money Meditation by Eva Gregory. Check it out below-


“All the positive forces of the Universe are on my side to create whatever I dare to summon.

I am one with this power, this infinite love, infinite supplier, infinite channel.

Through this power, I release all my experiences of lack, scarcity, unworthiness and pain.

Through this power, I know that the past has no power over me.

This is a new day, I am a new person living a new life populated with wonderful people with abundantly prosperous circumstances.

From this powerful place, I now am a vibrational match for one million dollars a month.

I have a bountiful accounting system that easily and effortlessly tracks all my charts of accounts.

 I have the most prosperous tax shelters and investment plans to nurture my financial fortune.

I am a vibrational match for one million dollars a month because I choose to only allow massive well-being.

I therefore stay in the place of already receiving one million dollars from all sources that is for my highest good and greatest joy. 

I now allow my source energy to create a vessel in my mind, spirit and heart to joyfully contain one million dollars a month.

This day forward I literally expect one million dollars to come out of nowhere.

I expect it, I look for it, I anticipate money from the north, the east, the south and the west.

I am a money magnet.

I am honoring all my values, living my passion, increasing my asset column and generating a net profit of one million dollars a month.

Money is in my mail box, money is in my accounts, money comes to me from the north, the east, south and west.

Money comes to me in rapid abundance honoring myself and honoring others. 

I have the largest money vibration in this country.”

Would love to hear from you about this. Please leave a comment below. I am planning to make an mp3 of this and offer it to you. What do you think?

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  1. @ Chris You are welcome. Will you share how it works for you ?

  2. chris says:

    sure I saved it as a simple text file. and placed it on my desktop I will read it everyday……

  3. Shahbanu says:

    So how do we practice this? Do we just read or say the whole thing everyday??

  4. You can read it a couple of times a day. Combine it with tapping on the EFT points for amazing results.

  5. Eva Gregory says:

    Hi Nilofer!

    Love that you are sharing this wonderful meditation, however, I cannot take credit for it. Someone sent it to me years and years ago and it just said — Author Unknown. So please give credit to the author whoever it is! I just make sure I add — Author Unknown at the end until someone steps forward with the name of the author!

    All the best to you, Eva!

  6. Eva Gregory says:

    Hi Niofer,

    Having a hard time getting thru your Security Code! Hard to read. Hey, I just wanted to thank you for sharing this powerful meditation, however, I am afraid I am not the brilliant author of it. I have NO idea who actually wrote it. When it was passed along to me years ago it just said “Author Unknown”.

    If anyone ever finds out who created it, I’d love to know!

    All the best to you!

  7. Once you have practiced meditation, you will notice the benefits as you calm down. You can consciously use it in your everyday work life, too. If you get too stressed, just breathe regularly and strive to attain that same grounded, calm feeling that you get when meditating. Effects Of Meditation

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