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How do you define the value of you? The way you define the value of you has a deep rooted consequence in how you show up in the world.

The Lies Of Value

Most people come to a value of themselves based on the following-

1. What You Do

Is the value of you linked to what you do? Or have done in the past? Is it linked to your performance in your workplace? Or what you have done in a relationship?

2. Validation

Most people are looking for appreciation and external validation. They have a constant craving for appreciation for even the smallest tasks. The funny part is that even when they receive appreciation they almost can’t hear it. And so there is a constant need for continuous appreciation.

3. Need To Be Special

People are looking to be special. The chosen one. They would like to be the person who has a special skill set that nobody else has in the world. And they want to be well known for it. They would like to be the movie stars, the sports stars, the fashion gurus, the Nobel scientists etc

4. Power

People also equate value with the power they wield in the world. Do they have a position of power in their workplace? Do they have followers?

What Is The True Value Of You?

1. Existence

What if you have value just because you exist?

What if you have value just because you exist on this planet?

What if you were vital to the possibilities on this planet?

What if it took away from the possibilities of the planet if you were not to exist?

Would the world be a lesser place if you were not a part of it?

Are you willing to know that you have that much value?

2. Change

Have you changed the world? What do I mean by this?

Look over your whole life. Look at the different jobs you have had, the social groups you have been a part of, the relationships you have had? Have you created a change in each one of these? Have you changed the life of at least one person?

With every change you create, you are changing the world. You can fill the ocean one drop at a time.

2. Being

Do you have an inner drive to strive towards more, better, greater? Are you always looking for the expansion of your life? Are you always reaching for greater possibilities? This is who you are being in the world.

Your value comes from who you are being and not what you are doing. You, being you can change the whole world.

4. Unique

Just like we have unique fingerprints, in the same way each one of us is a unique individual. No two people are exactly the same. Each one of us has our own unique gifts, talents, abilities and capacities.

If you were not to express yourself, the world would be a lesser place.

What is it that only you have that nobody else has on the planet?

What possibilities are available to only you that are not available to anyone else?

5. Acknowledgement

Have you ever acknowledged your own value? When you acknowledge you, the need for external validation drops away. The need for external validation comes from a space of not knowing your own value. When you know your own value, everyone else will too.

A few years ago I started asking these questions –

What is the value of me I’ve never even considered?

What is the value of me that I haven’t yet acknowledged?

If I were to get the value of me, what would my life be like?

Within a few days I started getting emails from past clients about how working with me had changed their lives.

I live from these questions and every day I get more an more the value of me.

This is not about an egotistical point of view and getting a swollen head. This is about really getting that you have value just because you exist. That you are crucial to the possibilities of the world. That you are the change the world has been asking for.

Are you willing to know the value of you?

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