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The Lattice Experience Workshop

The Lattice Experience Workshop

Enjoy 2 Extraordinary Days of Creation Where You Get To Co-Create Your Most Enlightened Life by Honoring Your Special Energy & Your Inner Uniqueness

Delivered by Nilofer Safdar,Accredited EMF Balancing Technique Teacher and Practitioner

  • How would you like to create a life based on the very energy radiating from the core of your being where you live a life of full expression, fearlessness and committed involvement?
  • Well, this unique and life altering workshop is a powerful and practical introduction into the way your own personal energy has a direct effect on your own personal magnetism.
  • Now, amongst the many things you will learn in this 2-day workshop are you will be shown how to harness the extraordinary power of your own consciousness and the effect the Universal Calibration Lattice (Human Energy Field) has on it.
  • You will also be shown how to use your own energy fields in almost miraculous ways.
  • This energetic and lively paced workshop will be spread across two remarkable days.
  • Not only that, you will receive a valuable and comprehensive folder containing all training materials

Here is what will be covered in the 2 day workshop.

Day 1

  • You’ll get an informative overview of the Universal Calibration Lattice, what it looks like and how it works (this will be well supported by animations and video)
  • Understand the calibration process and how your personal energy has a dynamic influence in who you are being in the world.
  • You will be able to apply this information in practical ways to enhance your individual growth and accelerate your evolution. You will become fully aware and be in a position to recalibrate your own energy!
  • You will learn the Alternating Sweep – a remarkable exercise of clear co-creation.

Day 2

  • An introduction to the ‘Sacred Templates’.
  • A lively, energetic and informative overview of the Sacred Templates, what they look like and how they work (supported by animations).
  • Practice transmitting energy across the room or around the world.
  • An introductory session where you will use the EMF Balancing Technique to give (and receive) an empowering and loving flow of energy.

This 2-day workshop stands alone as a valuable and practical learning experience. It is also the first step in the Personal Growth Training and the first step to becoming an EMF Balancing Technique Accredited Practitioner.

Course Fee

UAE – AED 700/- (191 $)

India – Rs 6000/- (140 $)