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Access Brain Power for Kids

Access Brain Power For Kids


  •  Increase the brain power of your child. Significantly Improved skills and scores in school
  •  Self worth and Emotional Intelligence
  •  Emotional and physical stress
  •  Sleep problems
  •  Destructive thoughts and behaviours
  •  Attention problems
  •  Creative self expression
  •  Enhanced sports performance
  •  What is it?

32 points on the head, called the Bars, which when activated enhance brain power, attention and social skills.

Your child will learn these points and gift and receive a Bars Session in each class.

A session of bars takes about an hour, is deeply relaxing, and changes the electrical functioning of the brain to make it more effective.

Some of the positive changes the parents have noted have been amazing.

One little boy who was very rough in school and well known for beating everybody up, changed overnight. After his first bars session, he changed so much that the school phoned his mother. She thought, “Oh, another problem with my son.”

To her surprise, the school was calling to tell her, “We don’t know what you did, but your kid is totally different. He’s being nice to everybody.”

Another little boy went from regularly getting 1s and 2s (the lowest scores) in math to getting 10s.

A little girl who swims competitively noticed her swimming times improved, which pleased her and her mother.

A little boy with chronic headaches now reports they’re gone.

One boy who could hardly lie on the table on the first session now comes into the room, lies down, and relaxes. His parents are amazed. “My kid never relaxes!” they say, “yet he does now that he’s getting his bars done.”

Bars is magical with kids!- “The Bars is known world wide to support children of all ages in receiving greater ease in school, with homework, testing and sports. I’m a mom and have run my son’s bars for 5 years and he is in middle school and all advanced classes, He does not have anxiety about testing or speaking in front of people, is consistently on the honor roll and plays for the Jr. Magic Basketball league. What can this relaxation technique do for your child? What else is possible?

Parents report that overall, their children are more centered, easier to deal with at home, and doing better in school.

Classes In Abu Dhabi / Dubai – UAE

Kids Aged 10 – 15 yrs

Duration – 3-4 hrs

Fee – AED 200

Teens – 16 -18 yrs

Duration – 6 hrs

Fee – AED 375

Facilitated by – Nilofer Safdar

Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator

Classes In Hyderabad – India

Kids Aged 10 – 15 yrs

Duration – 3-4 hrs

Fee – INR 2000/-

Teens – 16 -18 yrs

Duration – 6 hrs

Fee – INR 3750/-

Facilitated by – Ruby Mehmood

Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator