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The Bars





Science tells us our thoughts influence our molecules

and create disease, disorder and ageing. 

Where do you think all these thoughts are stored? 

There are 32 different points on the head 

that correspond to different areas of your life. 

Running your Bars (touching these points) 

is a potent hands on body process that starts a flow of energy

and erases years of fixed points of view, judgements,

negative feelings and limiting beliefs that hold you back.
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Bars and Migraine Headaches

I gave my 90 years old grandmother Bars the same night as her husband’s funeral. all her life she’s had headaches and migraines. After the Bars session its gone and she’s just taken 1/2 a headache pill in one year. Mikael

Bars and Relationships

After my first Bars class, a 20 year rift between me and a family member was healed. It truly was a miracle. I have no words for it except to say that I never thought it would be possible. Cary shay, PhD

Bars and Head Chatter

After a Bars session, I got blissful sleep. The chatter in my head went (still gone!!) and worries of other’s circumstances are no longer at the forefront of my mind. I received peace of mind, clarity and common sense guidance. Even my 28 year old relationship improved and is more intimate. Karen

Bars & Potential

Thank you. You came like a breath, swooped in, and made me see the potential within. I spoke, you listened, the healing began. I cried unexpectedly. Never had I thought a stranger could bring so much power. Bryony Shillington, at the 2010/2011 Prana Festival

Bars & Leadership

As a Company director at the forefront of innovative business and leadership strategies, I found the access Bars session very effective for controlling stress and improving communication, awareness, problem solving, focus and productivity. Chutisa Bowman, Director LifeMastery (Aus) Pvt Ltd, Australia

Book your Bars Session now!
90 MIN BARS SESSION: AED 500 / $140

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Bars & Pregnancy

A client of mine had been trying to get pregnant for months. After one Access Bars session, she found out she was pregnant 2 weeks later. She is now the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy. Joy Voeth – International Performance Artist

Bars & Study

My son, Alex, had his final exams and he didn’t open the book, not even to see what was the exam about. He asked me to run his Bars and while we headed to the bus stop, he POC and PODDED everything that didn’t allow him to access all his knowledge about the subjects in the test. When he got home he told me he got the highest score from the class – 9.8. Claudio Cano, Mexico

Bars & Fear

I just took my second bars class this weekend and it was amazing. while I was on the table I was shaking pretty hard for about 20 minutes. I realize that I have released a HUGE amount of fear. Today I feel so different. So much gratitude flowing through me. wow. Access works! What else is possible? Cary Shay, Ph.D

Bars & Depression

I have run a client’s Bars weekly for a year. Recently they told me they were taking medication for depression when we started. Since running their Bars, they have stopped all medication for depression and their chronic fatigue has also improved significantly! How does it get any better than that? Shauna Teaken, www.mymeditationsource.com, Australia

Bars & Worry

Now, I don’t have to spend time worrying about my future. I can do what I want to do rather than just thinking about doing it. I have peace and calmness that I’ve never experienced in my life before. I make more friends and be at ease in different situations. I laugh more and change other people by being me. I am so grateful. Thank you to everyone. Hye Jin, Korea

Bars & Panic Attacks

I was doing Bars on a 68 year old woman with panic attacks. She presented with severe chest pain, even when not in the throes of a panic attack and had not slept in days (She had just returned from hospital.)
I started doing her Bars and was a few minutes into the implant bar when she exclaimed:” My chest doesn’t hurt! My chest doesn’t hurt! It’s the first time in years that my chest doesn’t hurt! I’m going to sleep now.” which she immediately did. She slept for about 15 minutes and awoke a different woman. Dean, USA

Bars & Exercise

About 5 days after one Bars session I had surges of incredible energies soaring through my body to the point that I could not sit still. I wanted to run, exercise and jump up and down. Before I really hated exercising and always was skeptical about gym and all that…. after Bars I went on a diet and started to lose weight immediately. Before I could not exercise or lose weight for about 4-5 years. I think that one session did miracles to me…..Alex, Poland

Book your Bars Session now!
90 MIN BARS SESSION: AED 500 / $140

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