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Thank you- Intro Talk


My name is Nilofer Safdar and I am the ONLY Teacher and Practitioner of the wonderful Energy Work called the EMF Balancing Technique in the UAE.

Thank you for your interest in my work and for registering for the FREE Introductory Talk.

I will get in touch with you shortly and give you the details of the venue.

Meanwhile feel free to drop me a line at niloferlight@gmail.com

What people have to say about the EMF Balancing Technique-


I Am Successful…………Beyond My Wildest Dreams!

The simplest way to explain it is with each phase I experienced from Nilofer it was a bolstering to my inner power that grew exponentially with each phase. As I went up through the phases my inner power became quite outwardly noticeable and by the time I completed Phase XII I was really in awe of how strangers always tended to be drawn to me as the person in charge. I started attracting really big games, like gaining new business contacts and my largest contract to date, the opportunity to put on a show for charity for 250 people with little preparation time and quadruple the clientele for my photography business, just like I desired. I am excited to wake up every day because I love the life I’m creating. I am very grateful to have found this technique and to receive it by someone as capable as Nilofer.

Melanie Nelson

Town planner, photographer and friend



I have the Freedom…to live life on my terms!

Having left myself in Nilofer’s caring and capable hands for, first, phase 1-4 and recently 5-8, has helped me transform my life. I now take greater responsibility for all that has and is happening in and around me, all of which has given me the freedom to live my life with creativity, peace, joy and love. The Universe has opened up to me, and I have opened up to the Universe.

Hanne Eriksen, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Wildlife Photographer & Personal Growth Enthusiast

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