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Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. – Henry Ford

Step 3 in the Success Formula is Remove Blocks To Success

Now when we think about the word Blocks, we think of these huge obstacles standing in our way. No doubt the obstacles are huge, but they are hidden. Now what obstacles am I talking about? You may or may not believe it but they are our Beliefs. Some of them are hidden and some are apparent.

Now lets think about an outrageous goal- I want to earn a million dollars ( May not be outrageous for some). Say this aloud and then observe your reactions.

Do you think it is easy to earn a million dollars? If you think it is then chances are that you already have a million dollars or have earned it some time. Do you think that you can achieve this in a few years time? Or do you think that this is an impossible dream? In all the 3 scenarios these are just your beliefs about your goal.

So if you want to move from where you are to where you want to be, you just need to align your beliefs with what you want. Now this may not be as easy as it seems.  Those who have worked with changing beliefs will testify to this.

The good news is that there are several techniques which help in changing your beliefs. I have listed my favourite ones below-

  1. Phases I to IV of the EMF Balancing Technique
  2. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  3. TAT (Tapas accupressure Technique)
  4. Ho’oponopono
  5. Radical Manifestation
  6. Afforemations

I will cover each one of these in detail in future blog posts.

The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal.  The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. – Benjamin Mays


We can use the 5 Step Success Formula to create success in any aspect of our life.

Step 2 is Know what you do want.

1. Section 2- We will use section 2 in our Success Journal for this step. Start listing

2. List- Here we need to refer to Section 1. For each I don’t want in Section 1, write down, I want list. Be very specific here.

eg. I don’t want to feel pain – I want to feel relief and be in perfect health.

I don’t want to be in debt- I want to be debt free and always have money for whatever I need.

I don’t want to be scared- I want to be brave and courageous.

I don’t want to travel by bus- I want to travel in my own car.

3. Complete- Set aside time to do this section and make sure you complete it. This step is crucial in your success.

Most people get stuck in Step 1. If you have done this step, you ar among the Top 10% of people on this planet who plan for their success. If you don’t do anything else but these two steps and forget about it chances are that you would achieve at least 80% of what you have writen down. There is something magical about writing down what you want. This really is the key to manifestation. You can either keep it in your head where it gets lost or put it on paper and see the magic.

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Photographer Magnus Rosendahl

Far better it is to dare mighty  things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. – Theodore Roosevelt

We can use the 5 Step Formula to Success to create a life we want.

Step 1- Know what you don’t want.

Most of us go through life complaining about all the things that we don’t want. Well the good news is that we can use exactly this to craft our life of success. However, just complaining is not going to get us anywhere. Here is what you need to do in Step 1-

1. Success Journal-  Take any book or diary and decorate it beautifully. You can stick pictures of beautiful things or inspiring things on top. Write in Big Bold Letters- MY SUCCESS JOURNAL. Make this a thing of beauty. Something which will make you happy to keep looking at over and over.


2. Sections- Divide this journal into 5 sections. One section for each step of the Success Formula.

3. Section 1- This is the section we will be using in this part of the process.  Label it as My I don’t Want List.

4. My I don’t Want List- Start writing a list of I don’t wants here.  Set aside a time of at  least 10 min to complete this list. Use a timer if it helps. Look at your life and all the things that bother you go on your list. Aim to writing at least a 100 things in these 10 min. Don’t worry about the grammar or punctuation, just list it down if something about it is bothering you. It is really easy to do this step because we do it all the time mentally. The only difference is that we are putting it down on paper.

Congratulations on finishing this step! Beginning is truly the first step. Watch this spot for the remaining steps in the Success Formula.

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Pity the man who inherits a million and isn’t a millionaire.Here’s what would be pitiful,if your income grew and you didn’t.
Jim Rohn

You can achieve success in whatever you want by following these 5 Steps. I highly recommend doing a pen and paper exercise here-

1. Know what you don’t want.

Everyone does this step really well. We all look at what life is offering us and we know what we don’t want. This is really easy and comes naturally to us. However, its also very easy to get stuck in this step and not move forward.

2. Know what you do want.

80% of people will never make it to this step. If you are among the 20% who are doing this step then you are already experiencing success in one form or another. Look at what you have listed in step one and write down the opposite of it. eg. I don’t want to be overweight. I want to be slim, trim and fit.

Another factor to keep in mind is to be really specific. I want to lose X lbs, wear size X clothes, have an X ” waistline etc. 

3. Remove blocks to success.

This step is really the KEY. Most people end up skipping to step 4 before they have moved through this step. The Blocks to Success are our obvious and hidden beliefs about our issue. I may want to lose 50 lbs on the face of it, but I can’t even imagine myself having lost it. This would be like a saboteur stopping you from reaching your goal. There are some really awesome techniques which allow you to identify these beliefs and release them. I will be sharing some in the days to come.

4. Focus on what you want.

In this step you can use a variety of tools like visualisation, vision boards, affirmations, writing a journal etc.

5. Allow it in.

There is nothing much to do here. You have done all the work in the previous 4 steps. Now its time to relax and let go. One important factor here is not to have an attachment to the result. Do your best but be ok even if you may never achieve it. Plant a seed water it everyday and wait for it to grow and blossom.

I have found that moving through these steps systematically always gets me what I want. And remember Manifestation follows Divine Timing and NOT Human Timing.

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