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Suzy Godsey

Talk to the Animals

Suzy Godsey

Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

  •  Talk To the Animals – Class        

Recorded in Costa Rica October 2012.
Have you ever desired to know what your dog is communicating? Is your cat doing things and you don’t know why? What if communication with animals is easier than you think? In this fascinating introduction to the world of energy communication with animals, you’ll learn tools to assist in deepening your ability to communicate with and work with animals. Whether you are an experienced animal communicator, or a total beginner, the Access Consciousness® tools Suzy shares will give you a greater level of connection, joy, and ease with animals.

  •  #2 Access Clearing Statements® – Animals

MP3 of recorded Access Clearing Statement Processes targeting communication with animals! Listen again and again, while you sleep, while you drive, anytime. Plus receive the written clearings in PDF form.

  •  #3 Entities, What Are They and How Do They Affect Our Dogs?

(edited entities radio show- )
What are entities and how would you know if your dog has a problem with that? Can your dog be affected by an entity that is stuck in his body? Can behavior problems be a result of an entity? Find out how you can get the awareness if there is an entity in your dog and how you can move them on. Hear about examples of dogs that had entities in them and what happened when the entities were removed.

  •  #4 Live Telecall – Q&A Session With Suzy Godsey
    On March 6, 2012

What if you could ask Suzy your questions live? During this tele class you can ask all the questions you have about your animal, and benefit from the questions others are asking, too. You will receive tools and clearings to address specific problems and learn what you can do when certain issues show up for you and your animal!

WOW! What an Amazing call yesterday with Suzy and Nilofer, check out the replay – it helped our 2 kittens/cat instantly. Thank you both. Talking with Animals, Suzy your awareness was right on as you described our shy, timid, scared kitten – the Collapsed Energetic Zone process worked – she is not scared of me. She walked right up to me, and has let me walk towards her and reach to pet her without her flinching/cowering back or running away. Wow! HDIGBTT? The awareness’s you shared fit our animals, it was like you were in the room with them describing them and what’s been going on perfectly. Our boy kitten/lion that bites your awareness is right on. In awe, what an incredible gift you have. Thank you for being an amazing contribution to us and our animals. We greatly appreciate your help. Jason & Symantha : )

Thank you for the call Suzy and Nilofer… my business is with animals, I do photography of horses, dogs, and cats.. learned a lot and also I photograph and spend time with rescue animals and wanted to ask how to contribute to them so was great info..
I like the idea of doing clearings on them and asking how I can contribute to them.. how does it get any better than that…Brenda Louise

  • TOTAL VALUE: $250 for only $97
  • Yes, Nilofer! I want permanent access to Suzy’s package at the value price.