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Talk To The Animals Tele Series: Beginner Class with Suzy Godsey & Matthew Couperthwaite


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

Listen to Suzy & Matthew on Choice the Liberator Summit

Do YOU want Tools for creating this?

• Creating better relationships with your animals?

• Understand choice with animals?

• Clearing eliminating energy for clear communication with animals?

• Body process to change the animals physical pain

• Embrace communion and choice with your animal friend

• Know what your animal requires from you

• Live a happy and fulfilled life with your animals

What is our Pacakage

Six Detailed modules on the basics of “How to communicate with animals” using the amazing tools of Access Consciousness founded by Gary Douglas. Each of the six modules are recordings of the live Talk To The Animals Class facilitated by Suzy Godsey and Matthew Couperthwaite. It also includes a bonus Q&A call. A meditation, small e-book, clearings and summaries of each call.

  •  Introduction Call  Value: GIFT         

• What is Access Consciousness

• What is Talk to the animals about?

• Clearing Statement

• Why interact with nonverbal beings?

  • Module 1: Call 1 Value: $75.00

• Any questions from week before?

• Imagination – the power to communicate with non-verbal beings

• Create a safe place for you and you animal to communicate

• Picture communication

• Asking questions – sending and receiving information

• Clearing issues that you have with getting clear communication

  •  Module 2: Call 2 Value: $75.00

• Sounds, voices and words

• Establish Clear boundaries with animals

• Recognize that each animal is different and have there own being

• Getting out of an agenda approach that may restrict clear communication


  • Module 3: Call 3 Value: $75.00

• What you perceive and what you feel (smell, temperature or texture)

• Use a quiet, patient approach when communicating

• Communicating from possibility

• Be aware of animals behavior when communicating, they can validate what you are asking

  • Module 4: Call 4 Value: $75.00

• Certainty or knowing

• Being you with animals

• Information you may access when communicating

• Characteristics of intuitive communication

• Trusting you and receiving you and your intuition

  • Module 5: Call 5 Value: $75.00

• Receiving from animals and nature

• Enhancing your ability to communicate

• Getting you out the way (Clearings)

  • Module 6: Call 6 Value: $75.00

• Working with animals in a practice

• Making money with animal communication

• Setting up sessions – how we do it

• Taking payments

• Working with owners – what they are willing to hear

• Summary of the calls

• Thank you

• Hot Call date

  • Hot Call: Call 7 (Two weeks later) Value: $55.00

• Q and A call

  • BONUS: Clearing Loops Value: $50.00

To dynamically increase the change from the class above, this verbal processing will assist you in starting to get more clarity in this area of your life. You can listen while you walk in the woods, sleep or when you’re working out…. The more you listen, the more your change and clarity will show up – it’s that easy!

  • BONUS: E-book Value: $45.00


  • BONUS: Call Summaries Value: $55.00
  • BONUS: Meditation Value: $30.00


  • BONUS: Subscription to ‘Is Avatar Here’ Teleclass with Suzy Godsey Value: $90.00

Receive a 6 months pass to the live tele class with Suzy Godsey (any six calls of your choice)

In this series Suzy talks about the possibilities of a different reality on planet Earth in regard to animals and the Earth itself.

It is not a class in which to discuss individual people’s issues with their pets, but what is possible with communion with animals and clearing anything that is not allowing us to have that.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $775 for only $97
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