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Susanna Mittermaier

How does your psychological point of view limit the happiness, joy and the ease that is available for you?

Susanna Mittermaier

Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

  • X-wo-men! ADHD, ADD, OCD and autism- Discover your superpower teleclass!  (value 197 $)

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed as having OCD, ADD, ADHD or Autism?
In this reality they are called disabilites. What if they are abilities? What if there is truly nothing wrong with them?

In my work as a psychologist I found that people with these diagnoses are not disabled at all, I call them highly able. I call them “X-Men”, like the movie. They have talents and abilities beyond our wildest imagining. These kids and adults are a lot more conscious than we give them credit for. They are different and they function differently. We are the ones who need to change to communicate in a way that is natural to them. Here is the awareness and the tools to do that!

  • What kind of happiness, money and sex would you like to have teleclass (value 197 $)

What kind of happiness, money and sex would You like to have? Happiness, money and sex- some of the greatest judgable offences in this reality! When everybody is avoiding what they truly desire… What are You choosing?

Have you noticed the level of unhappiness around you? How much are you entraining to that heaviness just to not be too different and stopping everything you could generate and create as your life!

Are you choosing to be happy?

Are you creating the kind of money you would like?

Are you having fun with sex?

And what do all of these have to do with each other?


Find out!

Get the tools and the processes to blast open the open the door to way greater possiblities for You!

  • How to employ and enjoy your insanity and mental illness? Live class in Copenhagen (Value 110 $)

Depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, autism… Disability or ability? Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be! Welcome to a different perspective on mental illness, psychology and therapy! What if the so called insane people are the sane ones? For years I have been using the Access Consciouness tools in my work as a clinical psychologist with remarkable results. Find out more about what mental illness actually is and what is truly possible with it! What if being you is what is creating a different world? Welcome to a different reality! Welcome to your world!

  • What if money could be your lover? (Value 97 $)

Tools, tips and processes to have more ease and joy with money! What if you would treat money as your lover, would you invite it to come?

  • Your happiness, money and sex! – clearingloop (Value 97 $)

Clearings to access your happiness and to create more ease and joy with money and sex.

Let them play on a loop during night on low volume to open the doors to greater possiblities while you sleep!

  • X-wo-men! Use ADHD, ADD, OCD and autism to your advantage! clearingloop (Value 97 $)

Discover your true ADHD, ADD, OCD and autism capacities! Clear what is in your way of using your awareness to your advantage!
Let the clearingloop play during night on low volume to open the doors to greater possiblities while you sleep!

  • Creating change in the world! – Psychology Done Different! Live class in Stockholm Value 110 $)This class is an introduction about using the Access Consciousness tools for practitioners of any kind, whether you are a psychologist, a therapist, a teacher, a doctor, a healer, a mum, a dad… This class is about inviting you to explore different possibilities of facilitating change for you and your clients/students/children. What are YOU capable of and what do YOU know about change that is so different and may not fit in the conventional paradigm and is it now time for you to open up to that knowing and be and receive it and allow it to change your world? I have been working as a psychologist in the clinical field for years and met patients with all kinds of diagnoses, personality disorders, autism, asperger, adhd, add, bipolar… What is always inspiring for me is seeing my patients true potentials and empowering them to know that they know! What if change was totally different than we thought it was?




  • the bonus gift (value 150 $)


From Crazy You to Crazy Brilliant You!

Pragmatic Psychology– Practical Tools for A Better World!

What are the true capacities with what is called crazy in this world? What is behind the labels of insanity? What are You capable of that you have hidden behind wrongness and insanity… anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD…? Time for You to find out? 

  • TOTAL VALUE: $1055 for only $97
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