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Susan L Hart

Being More Joy In Your Relationships

Having and Being More Joy In Your Life, with Susan Lazar Hart of Right Relationship For You!


Choosing as an infinite being, being in the present, and getting to where you have choice in your relationships- these are all powerful ways to bringing and being more joy in your relationships, and in your life!

  • Two classes , Keys To Getting The Relationship You Would Really Like To Have.  Value $532

Each class is $216 value, and each comes with a clearing loop valued at $50. 

The first class includes:

“Would an infinite being choose this?”, and is about learning to choose for you.
“Everything is just an interesting point of view” helps you leave your thought process behind and follow your instincts.

The Second class includes:

“Live in 10-second increments” This is a major key to leaving the past in the past, the future in the future, and living in the present.

“Live in the question (instead of the answer)” Learn how to ask key questions in order to create the life you really want.


  • Four part class, “A Radically Different Relationship With The Relationships In Your Life”, clearing loop &  home play ideas.   Value $1064 value. 

The purpose of this series is not to get you in to or out of a relationship; the purpose is to get you to a point where you actually have choice within your relationships- to get you to a point where you can choose to have joy!

Tools to shift and change what isn’t working for you

* Getting to where you have choice
* Who does that belong to?
* Letting go of self judgement and self sabotage
* Acknowledge what is working for you
* Learn to uncreate and destroy what isn’t working for you

Class 1:

Living in the choice of your life, What would it take to choose for you? Learning to celebrate you, your Relationships and everything you have been asking to show up without conclusion. (77 minutes)

Class 2:

What is intimacy? Getting clear on what you would really like in a relationship. (83 min’s)
Class 3:

Getting out of the matrix and polarity of relationships: Judgement, Decisions, Conclusions and Compilations (73 min’s)
Class 4:

What does relationship mean to you and what do you mean to relationship? Choice, possibility, question and contribution. (88 minutes)

Clearing Links:

To dynamically increase the change from the classes above, here are the clearing loops with the recorded verbal processes from the classes. You can listen in your car, while you sleep, or when you’re working out…. The more you listen, the more your reality around relationships will change – it’s that easy!


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