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Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

This package contains key tools, processes, questions and information to create, institute and exponentialize the future of your business.

1. Where have you been making your life all about money? If you make money the issue money will always be the issue. Where are you in the computation of creating your money, your life, your business, your living?
2. Have you stopped creating your future based on the amount of money you think you don’t have? If you create your future today, then you will allow way more to show up. It will make your life easier and more fun.
3. Would you like to step out of survival and be the brilliance you be and thrive?

Join Simone Milasas for an intensive in Business to begin creating and generating beyond the limitations of this reality. The tools and processes they provide you in these calls and clearing loops will give you the questions you should be asking in business, and clarity beyond what has ever been possible before. Would that be a contribution to you?

  •  Creating for More Telecall Series with Simone Milasas 5 calls of 75 minutes each  Value: $375.00         

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What if you stopped resisting? What are you resisting that you have not been willing to change? Have you been receiving as much as you would like with business, money, relationships, sex? If you created your life different, would something far greater show up? What does creation mean to you? What if creation looked totally different? It does.

If you were willing to be more aware of everything and the possibilities would you choose to leap and CREATE something different? What if you were willing to receive more? What would your life look like then?

Join Simone Milasas on this live series where she will be giving you tools and processes from Access Consciousness and from changing things in her own life to assist you and guide you into creating a far greater, phenomenal life than you currently have. Somewhere you know it’s possible. Join us and find out what choices you can make to create more! Why not live as the brilliance you truly be?

This series consists of 5 calls of 75 minutes each. You will also receive the recordings and download of processes.

  • Is Money a Necessity? – Call Value: $75.00

What would it take for your entire money situation to CHANGE? What if it was easy?
In this recording of a tele class Simone gives some amazing tools to change your point of view about money. MP3 Digital download.

Here is what others are saying about it:

“Simone – thank you for the awesome call today – Is money a necessity? – wow so many shifts just from one call – I can’t wait to receive the recording so that I can listen again.”

Díva Diaz

“Thank you SO much for your ‘Is Money A Necessity’ telecall tonight…so much shifted for me! I went onto the call thinking about whether I had enough money for this and this, and how I was going to afford x,y,z and left feeling completely different about it. I’m actually excited about money now, it doesn’t feel like something that limits my choices anymore. I’m looking forward to creating more now, and from a different space too…not one of necessity of money but of choice. I am very grateful Simone!!!! You’re amazing x”

  • BONUS: First 2 Chapters of “Joy of Business” by Simone Milasas Value: $25.00

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What if BUSINESS is the ADVENTURE of LIVING? What if BUSINESS was JOYFUL and FUN? What if it was so much more than you ever perceived possible?

  • TOTAL VALUE: $475 for only $197
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