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Talk To The Entities With Shannon O’Hara


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

  •  TTTE Introductory Class Audio:  Value: $55.00         

An Introduction to Talk To The Entities, join Shannon on this 2 hour Live Class from July 2013 in San Francisco, California.

These introductions start to clear the myths, lies and untruths we’ve been told and sold about entities.

Where did you learn about ghosts and spirits? From movies, books, stories we’re told, parents, friends?

Much of what we are told is to keep us from accessing so much more that is already all around us.

Are you ready to discover something different?

  • TTTE Beginners Class Call #1: Value: $95.00

The Talk To The Entities Beginner Class is held live all over the world as well as worldwide by telecall.

These classes continue from the Introduction to clear more of the fears and untruths that we function from and will give you all the tools you will ever require to communicate with entities, and clear spaces, things or people.

Listen to the first call from the Beginning Telecall series of May-July 2013, to clear even more of the points of view that stand in your way of being aware of all energies including entities.

Included with this call are the written clearings and recorded audio clearing loop):

  • The Exercises for Consciousness Series Call #1: Value: $100.00

In August 2013, Shannon O’Hara started something totally new and unique to Shannon O’Hara and Access Consciousness.

The call series was our largest to date and participants still use it to create more in their lives.

Included in this package is the first call of the series that blew everyone’s mind and has them creating their life in ways they never knew was possible.

Please enjoy listening to something that has never been done before and keep listening to it every day, kind of like a meditation and while you sleep at night to receive the change.

You will find that you hear more each time you listen. What would you like to change, create and be in your life and this world?

You will receive the full call with Q&A as well as the exercise only version


  • TTTE Clearing The Issues Around Entities: Value: $55.00

Listen to this classic audio dedicated to clearing all the issues that we have created and taken on around entities.

Things like being afraid of them, that it’s not ok to be aware of or communicate with entities or even that it’s dangerous to do so and so much more.

What have you decided around entities?

From judgements to miss-information to fear and more, listen to this audio to clear that which stands in your way of having ease with entities.

Included with the audio call are the written clearings on pdf.

  •  Bonus: The First 4 Chapters of Talk To The Entities by Shannon O’Hara: Value Priceless

An easy, fun and enjoyable read, enjoy the first few chapters of Shannon O’Hara’s book, Talk To The Entities.

Shannon’s book has changed the lives of many to know that it’s ok to be different and it’s ok to hear, see or be aware of things that aren’t normal.

Join Shannon on a journey where she discovers her gifts and talents and openly talks about what she went through before she accepted them as such.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $300 for only $97
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