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Shadow Work Sessions

  • Shadow Work® began as a series of group seminars, held on weekends.
  • From the people who attended my seminars, I began receiving requests from individuals and couples for private sessions.
  • To meet this need, I developed Shadow Sessions and it has since become one of my favorite ways of working.
  • Some of my clients choose individual sessions because it offers more privacy than a group seminar.
  • Others simply want to work at times when no seminar is scheduled, or to work through more than one issue in the same session.
  • I find that Shadow Sessions offer such a degree of safety that people can work on issues that would be too difficult or embarrassing to address in a group setting.
  • They can also work at their own pace.
  • I offer both individual and couples sessions.

What happens during a Shadow Session?

Each shadow Session is conducted over the phone or skype. It lasts for 1 hr. We work together on an issue in your life. You start to see how YOU have created it. We identify, accept, love and integrate the shadow allowing you to experience more love, freedom and joy in life.

Nilofer I would just like to thank you for all you have done for me with your shadow process.
Since I started doing this work with you I have had a number of great aaha moments!

The biggest eye opener came when we were working through the big challenge I have
been having at work dealing with a bully.

To work my way through the process to find out at the end that I really do get something
good out of it myself made me realize just why I keep repeating this type of experience
over and over in my life.

Since we completed the process on this particular issue I have been able to let it go.
I did what I needed to do in my job and have moved on.

I feel lighter, like I lifted the weight of that entire situation off of my shoulders.
I continue to practice your techniques and am amazed how many wonderful things
are beginning to happen in my life.

Thank you so much sharing your great insights and wisdom, I am truly grateful!

Carla  McNeil
Social Media Marketing Speaker and Coach


Shadow Session