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Change Your Life

I run a Change Your Life Group in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We meet every week on a Monday Evening, 6.30 to 8 pm.

My intent in starting this group was to make available to people simple tools and techniques which they can use to find relief from simple physical, mental and emotional issues.

Of course we should not ignore the fact that if we were to use these simple techniques consistently, we could get relief in major issues as well.

Right now we are working with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and TAT (Tapas Accupressure Technique) and using these two with The Personal Peace Proceedure.

Here is what people have to say about my group classes

You won’t be surprised – my leg was much better after Wed session! Isn’t that great. Unfortunately, I’m not tapping on my leg. I have a more urgent matter. I got a cold that struck with a vengeance after Wed…. so I’ve been very busy tapping on getting rid of the cold. Yesterday I tapped 3 times on the coughing and the cough went away. Today I will be focusing on my sinuses. They are blocked with slimy yellow mucus that is giving me a wicked headache. So that is pretty specific.
And as soon as I clear up this cold, I am going to tap on my leg! Your Wed class really motivated me to get back to tapping. Thank you so much for the tatting. It really helped with a lot of blocked emotions.
I got rid of my cough by tapping 3 times on Thursday…
Yesterday I worked on getting rid of my sinus headache – tapped 3 times… much better this morning!!!!
Soon, I’ll get to tapping on my leg again!

J R, Abu Dhabi

If you want to experience group energy at work, attending one of Nilofer’s  classes will be an eye-opener – it certainly was for me – as well as the chance to learn a great tool for personal growth. Come along with an issues which can be physical, mental or spiritual, whatever you feel needs attending to. Put it in Nilofer’s ‘basket’ with everybody else’s issues and see how your issue will be nurtured by the whole group energy and answers and new creative ways forward will come tumbling in from within yourself. It is fun, quick, light-hearted and often comes with a laugh.

Hanne Eriksen, ABU Dhabi, UAE

If you would like to be a part of my Change Your Life Group, Here is what I want you to do:

  • Please put your name and email id in the Box on your Right.
  • Then send me an email with Join Change Your Life Group in the subject line to info@nilofersafdar.com
  • Once you have confirmed your subscription, I will send you the location details.
  • There will be an Energy Exchange of 50 AED for each event