Earth Love It Or Leave It Summit

What would it be like if we became stewards of the earth rather than continuously taking everything we can from it? What future could we create if we realised that this is the planet that we will be living on for generations to come? This can only be a reality on planet earth if WE as mankind, make some drastically different choices. And the truth of it is that those choices are not about protesting against pollution, or trying to save the whales, or anything like that. They are the culmination of the consciousness that you’re willing to be and function from, rather than the trauma, drama and misery that we all make more real than us.

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Success- Step 2 to becoming a Success Magnet

You can create whatever you want by following the 5 Step Success Formula. Read on to find out more.

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Success- Step 1 to becoming a Success Magnet

We can use the 5 Step Formula to Success to create a life we want. Read on to find out how.

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Success- 5 Steps For Becoming A Success Magnet

You can achieve success in whatever you want by following these 5 Steps. I highly recommend doing a pen and paper exercise here-

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Celestial Project Meditations- Prayers To Benefit Yourself And All Beings

Please join us if you love working with the Family of Light in high frequency connection for world service, transmission, and wish to assist your own family, community and the world with your special energy.

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Healers in the UAE

Tweet I am really excited today for 2 reasons. One- I will be doing a series of Interviews of Healers in the UAE. There are some amazing healers living in the UAE who offer fantastic modalities and also there are quite a few who come in to teach and do sessions. My vision with this…

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Happy National Day

Tweet On the occassion of the 38 th National Day I would like to wish everyone a Happy National Day. It has been 5 years since I moved to  the UAE. 5 yrs of immense Personal Growth and fruition of many dreams. I think this is a country of dreams. Many people come here to…

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Eid Mubarak

Tweet I would like this opportunity to wish everyone Eid Mubarak on the occassion of Eid Ai Adha. May this festival bring you and all your loved ones blessings of Peace, Goodwill, Health and Prosperity.

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Fears- We can all choose to move beyond our Fears!

Tweet I am learning. I can say that I am a Universal Learner. I think that I will only stop learning when I am 6 feet under. So what am I learning now? I am learning to do my Blog and Website. Well if you know me, you would find it quite amazing. I…

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Hello world!

Tweet″>Image: Christian Meyn / This is a brand NEW Blog that I have just created! I have lots of good stuff planned for my blog and website. Planning to write a blog post at least once a week. Here I will be sharing inspirational stuff, tips and techniques to find your joy, peace…

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