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Choice Creates! Turn Chaos into Clarity


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

Inside this treasure-chest of creative inspiration you will discover an Aladdin’s cave of energetic processes, dynamic questions, practical information and tools that invite you to choose and create life-liberating changes with ease.

Have you ever wondered ‘Is this all there is?”

Have you ever been frustrated by yourself and the limited choices you were making?

Have you ever had a sense that you have so much more capacity than you are being in the world?

…then you have been asking for the tools to outcreate this reality!

Join Lisa Murray, business coach and founder of Creativity Lab, for a playful, nurturing exploration of tools and insights for outcreating this reality and liberating your life.

Are you ready to have ease with change, choice and creating? Are you choosing to turn your chaos into clarity? What contribution can this treasure chest of tools be to you?

  •  Outcreate This Reality – Liberate Your Life! Series  Value: $250.00         

This brand new series includes 4 x 60 minute audios + clearing loops and PDF of the written clearings and questions.

Also included is an ‘Introduction to Access Consciousness’ Lisa has created that provides an introduction to the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement®, asking questions and following the energy.

In this series, we explore dynamic tools of out-creating over 4 classes:
1. Choice Creates Awareness
2. What Contribution Can You Be & Receive?
3. Questions to Liberate Your Life
4. Inviting Phenomenal Possibilities

Listening to the calls and the audio loops of the processes over and over takes you deeper into the liberation you are asking for. Change can be instant. And it can be fun! What if this could be your reality too? Would that liberate your life from the hum-drum drudgery you are wading through while you wait for something greater to show up?

  • Choice Creates Awareness 60 minute class including recording, audio loop and written processes and questions

Have you ever asked yourself: ‘What choice can I make now to outcreate this reality?’ Mostly we don’t ask because we don’t believe it’s possible. The funny thing is we don’t have to believe anything for it to be possible! We just need to ask a question and make a choice.

What if the choices you have available now are different to ten seconds ago? Could you ever come to conclusion again? Could you ever doubt your choices again? Or could you just enjoy the adventure of life where every choice creates more awareness and you can change your choices the moment you are aware it is not creating what you would like to create… or that there is a greater possibility available!

Playing with choice is one of the most fun tools of Access Consciousness® as it immediately takes you out of boredom. If you are bored, what choice can you add to your life that would make it way more fun than you have ever been willing to have?

If no choice is wrong, you can’t be wrong either! What if you are not wrong, you’re just different? How many choices have you stopped yourself from making because it would make you too different? Is it time to reclaim YOU now? This is the call to play with!

  •  What Contribution Can You BE and Receive? 60 minute class including recording, audio loop and written processes and questions

Contribution is a topic people resist because they think it’s all about giving to others until you drop from exhaustion. Contribution is actually the willingness to receive everything without a point of view!

What if you are way more of a contribution than you have every recognised? If you are not sure about this, ask the universe to show you: ‘Hi Universe, can you show me everywhere I am a contribution that I’m not acknowledging?’ and then listen to the wisps of information that show up for you – and enjoy the surprises!

Receiving contribution can be far more intense than gifting it. What if it is the receiving of contribution that could liberate your life in ways you have not yet imagined? This call has the tools for opening up the floodgates!

  • Questions to Liberate Your Life! 60 minute class including recording, audio loop and written processes and questions.

What if…
– asking a question could change everything in an instant?
– asking a question could open up possibilities beyond possibilities?
– asking a question could shift the energy to allow a different choice?
– asking a question is the greatest contribution you can be to anyone?

What is it you would like to know about asking questions? We’re talking about how to ask questions, why to ask questions, what questions to ask, when to ask questions, what is a real question and a whole lot more!

  •  Inviting Phenomenal Possibilities. 60 minute class including recording, audio loop and written processes and questions.

What possibility is whispering to you that you don’t desire to hear? We are funny. We give all of out attention to the ‘issues’ that will take us nowhere, and we ignore the wisps and whispers of possibility that can actually create our life with ease.

Limiting, defining and confining our choices stops possibilities from showing up. Inviting possibilities for expansion allows us to give up trying to control the future. Instead we get to have the clarity that allows us to choose. Wouldn’t you rather be aware of possibilities that truly could show up, rather than trying to create them by controlling the chaos?

What if you could have and be everything that is not supposed to be possible? How much fun could you have?

  • LIVE CALL WITH LISA MURRAY – 29 April 2014 Value: $150.00

“7 Dynamic Tools To Create Beyond This Reality” 90 minutes where we explore some amazing tools and you get to ask your questions live with Lisa about outcreating. Registration details will be included in your package.

This call includes audio recordings, clearing loop and written clearings and questions. You don’t have to be on live – you will be able to send in your questions in advance. What possibilities of out-creating everything and everyone that has ever inspired you would you be willing to explore? What could it create for you to be on this call live?

  • BONUS: Creator*Connector*Mover Intro Class Includes 60 minute class recording Value: $50.00

If you have a Creator, a Connector and a Mover in your life or your business, you have the capacity to be in a space of constant generation, creation and expansion! According to Access founder Gary Douglas, these three elements are a recipe for ongoing success when you are creating anything!

Do you know which one or two or three of these elements you are? Do you know how to use these energies to create more choices and more possibilities in your living?

Using these energies goes far beyond words. Far beyond the verbal communication that we believe creates our reality. Far beyond finding other people to ‘fill in the gaps’. What if these elements could contribute to you every single day? What if you would be willing to receive these contributions and ask for even more?

In this introductory class we will play with this and more! (This is the first class in a 4-class series)

  • BONUS: Creative Thrival ~ Tools For Out-Creation Includes 75 minute class recording Value: $50.00

A dynamic class presented by Lisa Murray at the Access Consciousness® New Zealand 7 Day Event in 2013. What if creating and out-creating is nothing like you imagined?

What if… you could discover how to make way more money with your ideas?
What if… you could create work you love that would allow you to thrive?
What if… you are far more creative than you ever imagined?
What if… you could discover the hidden you that is just waiting to play with the world?
What if… gifting YOUR capacities to the world could be the catalyst for a totally new reality?

And what if whatever you know about creating right now is just the start? This class includes many pragmatic tools for inviting tangible change and greater choices and possibilities. Are you ready to play?

  • TOTAL VALUE: $500 for only $97
  • Yes, Nilofer! I want permanent access to Lisa Murray’s package at the value price.