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Money Isn’t the Issue, YOU Are

Something BIG is just around the corner!

Between August 7th-10th 2012 (depending where you are in the world) people are getting together to create a big change with money. Access Consciousness facilitators are coordinating a phenomenal Global Money Class, based on the book ‘Money Isn’t The Problem You Are.’

  • Can you imagine the change that is possible, with 1000s of decisions, judgments, computations and conclusions–about money–simply dissipating; gone, in a single day? Wow!
  • Would you like to be part of that and contribute to What Else Is Possible with money?
  • Will you allow us to contribute to the change that is possible for you?
  • What would letting go of your limitations about money create for you?
  • Would it be fun for you to add your energies to Changing The Current Financial Situation?


Is that a big “YES!”


If you would like to create expansion in any area of your life, including money, read Money Is Not The Problem, You Are. I realized was that I was not asking for the greatness of me to show up. When I started this, all kinds of things began to shift. Every day is a celebration and I’m creating more money. As Gary and Dain say in this book, If you have the courage to ask, you can receive.
Linda W., USA


  • What –Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are Teleclass

Based on the book by Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer

This class invites you to change every limitation, judgement and separation you have created with money! 

How many of you have decided you can’t have money? What choices have you made that are limiting the amount of money you have showing up in your life? 

Your Certified Facilitator, Nilofer Safdar, will give you some tools to change the way you are with money, and it’s actually easy! 

What if creating money was a JOY? What you are unwilling to receive creates the limitations of what you are unwilling to have. If you change that, then money will not be an issue anymore. This class offers you unique tools and techniques for you to choose a different reality with money. Are you willing for your life to look and feel totally different and abundant?


  • When: 8 August 2012, 9 am PDT
  • Where: Phone / Skype, in the comfort of your home
  • How Much – 55$


I got down to my last parcel of cash money and finances were very shakey. I applied the tools of Access, demanded change and chose differently. Fourteen months later, I have more money that I’d had at any other point in my life. That’s a lot of change. What else is possible?
Stephen Outram, Australia


  • Bonus:
  • mp3 of the Book – Money Isn’t the Problem, YOU Are ( a 35$ value)
I was $187,000 in debt when I first met Gary Douglas. Now Iím not. After attending some of the Access seminars, and finally actually doing all the tools in the book, Money Isnít the Problem You Are, that situation changed, and more and more money is flowing into my life.
Simone Milasas, Australia, Access Worldwide Coordinator