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Here is what someone posted on FB –

Hi Nilofer, just wanted to say that the calls so far have all been an awesome contribution, thank you thank you! What would it take to extend the series to 100 calls?!?!


What People are Saying

Such an awesome call! Thanks you! I cleared the sadness about having money, about having been plundered for obscene amounts of money…and I also got the energy of excitement of having plundered others!! ANd I got to pod poc all of that!


The call was phenomenal!


What a session today! I’m still on a high!!!


I was given $50.00 today just for helping out someone that I had no intention of charging or asking for any money whatsoever. I wasn’t going to take it at first. Then thought the Universe is giving this to you, accept it. So I did! How does it get any better than this?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Nilofer please continue with with this I am Money workshop in some fashion.


Just to say that after listening to call 2, I was full of energy and managed to get rid of some clutter that was surrounding me for a while. How can it get any better than that? What else is possible on call 4?
I look forward to the fun.


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What People are Saying

Oh my goodness!!! Just listend to the first call and wow!! Energy moving through like crazy. HDIGEBTT?
Thanks for the invitation to join. Emoji It is truely awesome what take place when we gather together. HDIGEBTT?
For a delight filled day of Ease, Joy and Glory!