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Moira 4

How to Be The Gift You Are in The World


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

I spent 10 years in therapy trying to fix what was ‘wrong’ with me and then trained to be a psychotherapist thinking if I fixed everybody else then I could be happy, whilst also thinking that focusing on other peoples problems would be a distraction from my own/self!!!!

Moira Gift5

  • Call 1 – How many of you have spent years reading self help books, doing modality after modality to improve yourself whilst constantly judging yourself, with no real results? Value: $100.00
  • Call 2 –  Are you willing to know what’s really true for you? Value: $100.00
  • Call 3 – Would you be willing to make the demand that you show up? Value: $100.00
  • Call 4 – Would you be willing to know that YOU are a contribution to the world? Value: $100.00
  • TOTAL VALUE: $400 for only $197
  • Yes, Nilofer! I want permanent access to Moira’s package at the value price.