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The Not Doctors, All About Bodies!

Liam Max

Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

What if you were the expert of your body?

What if you knew what it requires and desires to be ease, energy and joy?

What if you were a doctor… not a regular one, but a Not Doctor? The expert of your own body…

Every body is different. If there was one answer that created ‘health’ for every body, surely everybody would be doing that! Right? Since this is not the case, we have uncountable numbers of different diets, exercises, modalities and beliefs about what will create health and what will destroy health… as well as overflowing hospitals and an increasing number of diseases.

But we’re not here to talk about the state of public health. The Not Doctors are here to invite you to a different possibility for you and your body. Rather than only seeing food, exercise and lifestyle as the sole creators of your health, we would like to invite you to looking at the foundational energies of a happy body?

What if judgment was the source of pain, suffering and disease?

Do you ever judge yourself? Do you take on other people’s projections, expectations and judgments of you? Do you truly value yourself and accept nothing less for you?

Yes, these are big questions! And if you are honest with yourself, you may change your life in big ways!

Are you interested in having more ease, joy & glory with your body?

  •  ‘The 5 Foundational Energies of Bodies & Health’  5 x 30 minute mp3 recordings Value: $150.00         

Each of these exercise recordings is about clearing the places where you have limited yourself in having greater ease with your body.

Whether you have taken on the limiting beliefs and ideas from other people or created some yourself, when you allow yourself to clear them you will have greater freedom to create your body and health in a way that works for you… from a space of creation rather than destruction.

Only then can you step into the Foundational Creative Energies of your body and health. Are you willing to create your body more dynamically than ever before?

  • ‘The Toolbox. Change Dis-ease’ 1 x 90 minute mp3 Value: $97.00

Dis-ease is anywhere where you do not experience ease with your body and being.

Whether you have physical symptoms or dis-ease in the absence of physical symptoms, the tools from The Toolbox will give you a clear pathway to change the dis-ease.

This is the practical tool-set that you can use to change anything that isn’t working for you with your body and health.

You will discover and learn about, in depth, 3 tools that will literally change the physiology of your body at the source point of the dis-ease.

Have you tried everything and experienced little or no change with your dis-ease? Max and Liam will share both of their own stories of how they created profound and lasting change with their bodies from ‘incurable’ dis-eases to having thriving bodies with ease.

  •  ‘The Toolbox. Change Dis-ease’ 1 x pdf manual Value: $150.00

o This is the written manual of the tools from The Toolbox. Do you like to have the information at hand wherever you are? We would like to offer you every possible way of creating the change with your body that you know is possible!


  • ‘Clearing the Foundations of Dis-ease’ Clearings Value: $97.00

This is a mp3 recording of all the clearings from the ‘5 Foundational Energies of Bodies and Health’ and ‘The Toolbox. Change Dis-ease’ To dynamically increase the change from the mp3s above, this verbal processing will assist you in starting to get more clarity in this area of your life. You can listen while you walk in the woods, sleep or when you’re working out…. The more you listen, the more your change and clarity will show up – it’s that easy!

  • TOTAL VALUE: $400 for only $147
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