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Beyond Addiction Through Choice


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

The grip of addiction can feel overwhelming, confusing and even shameful, But what if you could learn the steps to move into a space of true choice?

What if you had the tools and information to choose your way out of addiction?

Join Marilyn Bradford for a radical new look at addiction, recovery and what’s actually possible for you.

  •  An introduction to Right Recovery For You (MP3)  Value: $100.00         

Are you willing to question everything you thought was true about addiction?

What if it isn’t about having the willpower to quit? What if there is another possibility?

Whether your addiction is to alcohol, sex or being a victim, Right Recovery For You offers unique, efficient and powerful tools to help reclaim all of the pieces of you.

Right Recovery For You does not require you to fit into a system, follow a particular program or even give up your addiction. It empowers you to come to a place of true choice.

  • Ending The Primary Addiction – Judgment And The Wrongness Of You: The first two tele-calls from the groundbreaking series:(MP3) Value: $150.00

This will help you step out of being wrong into everything that’s right about you.

You’ll learn how and why you have spent so much time judging yourself as wrong and what you can do to change it.

When you come out of the wrongness of you – everything in your life can show up differently!

You really will be able to choose your way out of addiction!

  •  Addiction Over Easy: The first two tele-calls of the series: (MP3) Value: $150.00

Addiction Over Easy is a course designed for people looking for a faster, easier, and more enjoyable way to come to a place of choice and ease with any addictive or compulsive behavior.

Since all addiction has the same root causes, taking the course can assist not only in clearing common addictions like cigarettes, alcohol and over eating, it is also effective with the addictions that lurk in the shadows, like judgment, anger and struggle.


  • Down The Rabbit Hole With Your Favorite Addict (MP3) Value: $150.00

Addicts create their own worlds with their own rules, then expect you to play the part they have assigned to you.

Rage, withdrawal, blame, self-righteousness, emotional and verbal abuse are just a few of the tactics that are used when the addict isn’t getting what he or she desires.

Have you noticed how quickly you can enter their reality and lose yours?

This class will give you effective ways to keep your sanity while doing what’s possible for your loved one with the addiction.

  •  10 Tips For Recognizing Dealing With An Addict (PDF) Value $150.00

This compliments the above class.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $550 for only $97
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