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  • Find peace of mind instantly in any situation
  • Maintain my personal power in any pressure situation with my family, friends, boss or colleagues
  • Stop the chatter in my brain so I can attract and enjoy the wealth and riches I’ve always deserved
  • Build powerful and lasting self confidence faster
  • Release the emotional baggage I have been carrying for so long and be FREE
  • Uncover and achieve my lifelong dreams in order to breakthrough self-sabotage and stop “playing small”
  • Build powerful, lasting confidence and relationship and ultimately resurrect the hero I’ve always known has been inside me
  • And much, much more …


My Relationships Are More Honest and Direct

A few people have asked how and why I decided to do EMF balancing.
I honestly have to answer that I don’t really know why I am drawn to certain things. If it doesn’t sound too strange I would say that they find me. I already work with Reiki healing on a regular basis. I generally see or hear about something and feel drawn to find out more..and this was the case with EMF balancing.
I started the first EMF balancing session last year and have continued through the phases as I have felt ready for them. They unquestionably have made a significant difference to how I live my life now..and to the way I approach everything I do.
I do believe we all have an inner knowing as to what is and is not working for us in our every day lives. We may not know or indeed have the courage to address the issues which prevent us from living the life we want to..in harmony with our true selves. It takes real strength of character to make these changes and we continually find excuses and avoid issues which are difficult in our lives. I have now come to see that when you are living a lie you cannot be in balance and you suffer emotionally and physically as a result of this.
Today, after completing 11 of the EMF balancing sessions I am very different and very much more in tune with myself. I live much more in the here and now having learnt to address the things in my life which weren’t working for me. I may have got here some other way but I feel the EMF has sort of,” Fast Tracked” me there.
I am very much more comfortable in myself…I am beginning to attune to my insights and have a greater sense of self worth.
I cannot say that it has all been plain sailing to get to the point I am now and I have not felt some earth shattering instant change..everything has been a gradual realization that I am calmer. I do not have the same worries about tackling things which are uncomfortable. I am happier..and not just that person who acts happy.
My relationships, both personal and professional are more honest and direct. I feel able to speak my truth quietly and it is really liberating. Despite quite catastrophic changes which are taking place in my life I feel quite able to cope with everything without fear for the future.
I feel that many more changes are ahead of me and that this is just the beginning of connecting with the real me..someone I have neglected for a very long time.
I sense that it will be a rewarding journey. I am not young but we are never too old to initiate change and that really has been what EMF balancing has helped me to do..to initiate really life changing decisions with the confidence that they will be the right ones.

Debbie Kingston,

Principal and Writer

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Warning: As these are one- to – one sessions with me personally I am only going to work with 10 people at this time. To avoid dissapointment, please grab your mouse and book immediately and take your first step to create an Extraordinary Life!


I Just Don’t Feel Afraid Anymore

Having now completed sessions 1 to 4 I feel, for want of a better word, enlightened. The sessions, building on one another, brought me a great sense of self and power to take responsibility for the direction of my life. I felt particularly good after sessions 2 and 3 and found myself walking along the streets after the sessions filled with an unexplicable joy and an urge to laugh and laugh. I felt weightless and couldn’t stop smiling! The feeling didn’t stop either, i find that I am now able to take a minute to myself when I need to and recreate the joyous sensation.  

Sessions 1 and 4 gave me a feeling of extreme peace within myself. I felt calm and pure after the sessions and feel I will be better equipped in dealing with stressful situations having experienced this inner peace.  

As one who is prone to depression and struggles to manage stress, I am extremely glad I have experienced this work and feel a huge gratitude to Nilofer for taking me throught the steps in such a nurturing and giving manner.  

Thank you Nilofer, hardly covers how I feel about what you have done for me.  

Layla Forseman
Student, New Zealand

So if you’re ready to start, claim your bonus gifts and five One to One energy Sessions with me now!

Speak to you soon,

    Nilofer Safdar
    Energy Coach
    P.S. Just in case you are even busier than usual, I have given you my final summarising paragraph first. If you want to read the rest, here it is: 

    What exactly is the Life Mastery Program?


We are much more than skin and bones. In fact we have an energy field that extends to a distance of 60 cm around our bodies.

This energy field holds information about past, present and future. Energy fields out of balance mean lives out of balance.

But whats really awesome is that we can balance our energy fields and lead truly Extraordinary Lives!

The Life Mastery Program – Five one to one Energy Balancing Sessions with me personally.


Each session will be of 60 minutes duration and will take place over the phone or Skype or Googletalk.

Each session can be spaced once per week.

Many people have asked me what exactly takes place in an Energy Balancing Session-

Step 1- You will fill out a form.


Step 2 – I will explain the session to you.


Step 3 – You will sit quietly with your eyes closed or lie down. You should not be disturbed during the session.


Step 4- I will be working in your energy field. Even though you maybe hundreds of miles away from me, energetically you will be in the same room as me. I will also say some statements aloud. Here I am communicating to your energy field.


Step 5 – After completing the session, you will have an opportunity to share, ask questions etc.


Step 6 – You will watch a few videos of the UCL.

The Sessions

Session1- Balance between the heart and the mind

  • Never be confused about what to do next
  • Have greater clarity and make balanced decisions
  • More self confidence, faster
  • You will never go away from any situation feeling that you are a victim or that someone has put you down
  • Hold your personal power in any pressure situation with your family, friends, colleagues, boss or mentor.

I’m Braver, Stronger … And Having A Lot More Fun!

After having the session with Nilofer my life has changed in such a profound yet subtle way. I can see changes within and without. My family is closer. There is more love. My relationship with my partner has changed. We love deeper and are more committed to each other. I am studying something I am very passionate about. I have attracted more love and connection into my life.
Since these sessions I have connected more deeply with my quest for my purpose in existance. Stuff still goes on but there is more grace in my life to solve issues. It is like I have reconnected with a part of myself I had lost.

Juliet Gauci, Abu Dhabi  

Session 2 – Balance with your past

  • You will no longer have knee jerk reactions to situations, which have affected you in the past
  • Release the restrictions which have pulled you down in the past
  • Erase your inner turmoil, unhappiness, sadness, fear, anger etc
  • Experience peace of mind in any situation regardless of what is going on around you
  • Find emotional resilience and strength inside you and feel better equipped to handle anything in life
  • Respond to situations in a balanced way without excessive emotions clouding your judgement
  • Activate hidden talents and abilities that you never knew were buried deep down inside you

I Love and Accept Myself More…

The session on history had an immediate lightening effect on my mood and emotions – which has persisted. Learning to accept myself has been challenging, but I feel I am making progress.  I am learning to stay in the moment – at times my thoughts wander and it used to be difficult to get back on track, but that has improved. I am so grateful for the effect the sessions have had on my stress levels and I can actually now accept myself with all my perceived faults and recognize that I can change aspects of myself for the better. Most nights I can sleep well now and my psoriasis has improved – I feel more confident and at peace with myself.  

 Lilian Crossley         , Abu Dhabi  

Session 3 – Live in the NOW

  • Experience the freedom from the excess emotions associated with old events
  • No going backward and forward in your mind
  • Feel good and be happy and appreciate all the good things happening in your life
  • Every moment is filled with joy and anticipation and life is full of possibilities

Now I Can Experience More Peace of Mind

“Nilofer has a wonderful calm manner, and achieved, from the distance of a different country, an incredible sense of deep peace. I have tried a lot of therapies, including hypnotherapy, but I have never felt so completely relaxed and still.  

Beyond that, I felt a total sense of love; it was very tangible, and has kept me smiling ever since. I’ve also slept really well, and I’m looking forward to completing the course.I couldn’t recommend Nilofer more highly. to be able to create such a feeling of well-being is an amazing gift.”  

Linda, UK  

Session 4 – Manifest your future potential

  • Release the known and the unknown fears and worries about the future
  • Never be confused about what to do next
  • Discover the number one thing that keeps you from achieving your dreams and goals and fix it
  • Establish a strong connection to the “Field Of Unlimited Potentials” so that you can manifest your dreams and goals easily and effortlessly
  • Understand the SECRET ingredient behind taking action, so that you will DO it always and turbo charge your manifesting

I Am Successful…………Beyond My Wildest Dreams!

The simplest way to explain it is with each phase I experienced from Nilofer it was a bolstering to my inner power that grew exponentially with each phase. As I went up through the phases my inner power became quite outwardly noticeable and by the time I completed Phase XII I was really in awe of how strangers always tended to be drawn to me as the person in charge. I started attracting really big games, like gaining new business contacts and my largest contract to date, the opportunity to put on a show for charity for 250 people with little preparation time and quadruple the clientele for my photography business, just like I desired. I am excited to wake up every day because I love the life I’m creating. I am very grateful to have found this technique and to receive it by someone as capable as Nilofer.  

Melanie Nelson  

Town planner, photographer and friend  

Session 5 – Bringing it all together

  • Repeat any session of your choice ( and you will know exactly which one) to strengthen the work already done
  • Experience the flow of life as you start to manifest things and events even before you have the need for them

I Recommend This For Anyone Who’s Ready…

I just wanted to share an experience I had with Nilofer on Wednesday. We communicated through google talk and it started with me being nervous but I soon calmed down… Nilofer had me watch a video prior to our session and then she explained in detail. I found her explanation as being very clear as I am a novice to this kind of releasing. Then she led me into a session of meditation but it was actually bringing balance between my heart and mind. As the session progressed, I could feel my feet being grounded. I felt my energy flow through my entire body. I never felt anything like this before. It is hard to put it into words. I actually felt free and light.  

The next day, I had two offers that would help me to further my dreams. I thought wow, this is great. I am so humbled to learn about energy etc…thanks to Nilofer.  

Sophia, W Palm Beach, USA
Conscious Business Owner

Here’s what I want you to do next



=> Monthly LMP Call with meditations and Energy Exercises (to accelerate your progress)

=> Radiating Core Energy Exercise ( for Taking Charge in 30 secs or less)

=> 4 After Session Handouts ( reading these will be almost like giving yourself an energy session)

which gets you access to five one to one energy sessions with me personally ie five hours of individual work with me, the videos of the Energy Field, the bonuses and over 5 hours of individual, one to one work with me to strengthen your “energy field” and create an Extraordinary Life!

Still not sure….. Let’s do the math…..


5 sessions at $75 is $375 if you bought them one each.

For a limited time I am offering them to you only for $ 297 ie less than $ 60 for each session, a saving $ 78 altogether.

You wouldn’t be able to ever get one to one sessions with anyone that inexpensively and these sessions sometimes go on for 90 minutes.

I have made this program ridiculously affordable in order to spread the word about “Life Mastery Program” and move a lot of people in a direction that will change their lives and give them their dreams quickly. 

How Do I Know If This Event is Worth the Investment?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you ever felt that there was a bigger better and more capable person inside of you?
  • Have you ever wondered why other people seem to be luckier than you?
  • Have you ever been frustrated by not receiving the fruits of your labors?
  • Would you like to learn how to eliminate the distractions in your life and get on with what you are supposed to be doing?
  • Would you like to make more money, have better health and have better relationships quickly?
  • Would it be cool if you could just be your true authentic self and have that really work for you in ways you only
    dreamed of?
  • Would you like it if you were operating on all cylinders with no mental, emotional or psychotic baggage in the way?


If “yes” to any of these, it’s time to balance your Energy Field and Master your Life… NOW! Become a leader in your world and let me do the heavy lifting for you. I will balance your energy field to get you to the winning side.


I Will Definitely Keep Using It To Take Me Even Further

The EMF Balancing Technique has been of immense value to me in my daily life. From my very first view of the Universal Calibration Lattice I experienced a deep resonance with this work. I loved the concept of “the Universal Human” and that we humans actually have a great opportunity now to be co-creators of a new reality.  

During Phases I to IV I first began to experience a greater degree of peace in my daily life. I began to feel happier in myself.  

Phases V to VIII allowed me to focus on individual attributes of self-mastery to deepen my understanding and acceptance of who I AM; to be a witness of my experience rather than a critic.  

Phases IX to XII bring the concept of the ‘emerging evolutionary’ and the sense that I really can take responsibility for creating the life I want. I have the Universe as my co-creator! This work shows you a way to “Be in this world, but not of this world”.  

Always, there was Nilofer to gently, skillfully guide and support me though every phase. Each Phase seemed to be a perfect ‘fit’ for the experiences and challenges of my daily life. Nilofer’s joyful, compassionate Presence and commitment to her clients’ growth and wellness are truly unique. Thank you, Nilofer! I am so excited to see what the next Phase will bring!  

Kathy Mankassarian

Special Education Tutor, Facial Reflexologist & Reiki Master

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 My Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!


I am so convinced that this program absolutely works, here’s my unique guarantee that puts the burden of proof on my shoulder not yours.

If one week after Phase 1 you haven’t seen meaningful changes in your thoughts behaviors and results… write to me within 2 business days, and I’ll refund every penny of tuition – without hassle or hard feelings.

Look, I simply can’t accept your money if the road to your being the best you can be isn’t clearer and brighter. My commitment to you is for you to Master Your Life. Period!

With this quality of one to one sessions that you will receive, you cannot help but to see your life change around you. To join me and deepen your own prosperity, please register now while it there are still slots available.


I have the Freedom…to live life on my terms!

Having left myself in Nilofer’s caring and capable hands for, first, phase 1-4 and recently 5-8, has helped me transform my life. I now take greater responsibility for all that has and is happening in and around me, all of which has given me the freedom to live my life with creativity, peace, joy and love. The Universe has opened up to me, and I have opened up to the Universe.

Hanne Eriksen, Abu Dhabi, UAE  
Wildlife Photographer & Personal Growth Enthusiast 

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 Spectacular Bonus Gifts

No Program this important would be complete without sprinkling a few extra bonus gifts to “sweeten” and seal the deal. 

Consider these extra bonuses as my “ethical bribes” to you……………so you can make a quick, but intelligent decision to say YES before you leave this webpage. 


SPECIAL BONUS for taking action NOW and registering  



Special Bonus # 1 – FREE Monthly call especially for the Life Mastery Program members.

In this one hour group call, you will have the opportunity to participate in energy exercises and meditations to strengthen and balance your Energy Field. This is an opportunity to experience the energy ongoingly and to connect with others on the same path. 

Special Bonus # 2 – Radiating Core Energy Exercise 

During the first session itself I will teach you this energetic exercise which will allow you to come back to a state of balance within 30 sec or less. This exercise alone will help you to maintain your personal power in pressure situations with your family, friends and colleagues. You can use this during important events like job interviews, presentations or while studying for or writing exams

Special Bonus # 3 – After Session Handouts 

These are one page handouts which contain the Say Alouds we use during each session. Reading these Say Alouds is almost like giving yourself an energy session. 

Special Bonus # 4 – Money Meditation 

An mp3 audio of the Money Meditation, by Eva Gregory. Listening to this short meditation everyday will program your mind to attract the riches you desire and you can Think And Grow Rich 

Special Bonus # 5 –  Recommended Resources

These are a list of time tested resources which I use consistently to create a life of my dreams. And most of them are FREE…….

A Weight Has Been Lifted Off My Shoulders……. I Feel Free

I have always been interested in learning new ways to improve the quality of my life. Having said that, I went to my first EMF session not really sure of what to expect. After my first session, I definitely felt a strong sense of support from the universal energy & an awareness of the energy radiating from me. After the second session, I literally felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders due to the release of excess electromagnetic energy surrounding old events. I felt more balanced & capable of handling anything that came my way. I try to live my life, on a daily basis, as an expression of peace-filled empowerment. I listen to my body’s inner wisdom & believe that I am living in the now. These sessions have helped me to create for myself a potential accented with love, which means that I am more accepting of things & feel at peace. I am eager to complete my sessions & am excited about what lies ahead for me.

Kirsty Churchhouse

Abu Dhabi

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Profoundly Life Changing………

I found this one of the most powerful techniques that I have come across.  The sessions are  incredibly relaxing and they gave me a very powerful set of tools to use everyday.  Nilofer is a wonderful practitioner whose sensitivity and compassion added to the whole experience. I have changed and am still changing in very positive ways. 

S. M.N, Abu Dhabi

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I receive my session?

By Phone or Skype or Googletalk.


2. What will I do during the session?

You will lie down or sit quietly with either your speakerphone on or wearing a hands free. I will then conduct the session. I will work in your energy field and say some Intents aloud. These are like the language of your energy field. At the end there will be an opportunity for sharing and interaction.


3. How is a phone session different from an actual hands on session?

There is actually no difference between the two. I will perform the phone session in the same way as an actual hands on session. Energetically, you will be present in the room with me.


4. How long is a session?

A session lasts for approximately 1 hr.


5. Do I need to do anything special before, during or after the session?

I will send you a link to watch a few videos. These are animations of our energy fields and set a beautiful resonance in place.

During the session, you will either lie down or sit quietly with your eyes closed. You can play soft music in the background (no chants please). You can switch on the speakerphones or wear a hands free headset and listen to me as I perform the session.

You will get an after session handout after every session. You can work with this to accelerate your progress.


6. What will I experience during the session? 

You may feel very relaxed and feel hot or cold sensations throughout your body. Some people also experience tingling and other sensations. Each person and their experience is unique. Regardless of what you feel or don’t feel during the session, it is how your life WILL CHANGE afterwards.


7. Can I request the sessions for someone else?



8. Do I need to have their permission? What about infants, children, unconscious people or in coma and mentally ill people?

It is always best to ask the person, but if you are unable to then you can still send the session- that person will either accept or reject the energy.


9. Is there an age limit for people to receive sessions? What about pregnant women?

Anyone can receive a session, including babies in the womb and pregnant women.


10. How often should I have a session?

You can have up to 2 sessions in a day. However, I always recommend that people take time to integrate the energies of a session before moving onto the next one.  Most people schedule a session every week. That is not set in stone and varies from person to person.


11. What if I am not able to complete the sessions in five weeks?

These sessions are valid for 6 months from the date you purchase them. You can complete your sessions anytime during this period.


12. Can I get benefits if I opt in for only one session?

Yes, definitely. Remember the first session is about getting a balance between the heart and the mind. It also helps you in gaining more self confidence. It brings in vitality and enthusiasm in your life. 


13. Are the benefits permanent?

  Remember that it is a process of rewiring your energy field. The rewiring is permanent.


14. Will it be beneficial for my family to receive the sessions?

As you go through the sessions, you will experience a balance in your life. If your family members go through the program, they will also come into a greater balance. And the benefits multiply exponentially as a synergy is created.

Remember, I will work with ONLY 10 people right now. So grab your spot NOW before they are all gone!!