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Lisen 4

Consciousness in Action
What is it that creates the change you desire?


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

* Are you on the menu of your life?
* What does your body desire that you have been avoiding?
* Is luck a choice? Or are some people more lucky that others?

  •  WHAT IF YOU FULLY ENJOYED TALKING TO YOUR BODY? 7,5 hours  Value: $450.00         

Would you like to have more ease and joy with your Body?

Receive more awareness and information when you ask your body questions?

Our bodies are amazing and we can receive so much contribution. All the Access tools work so much better when we are present with our bodies.

How many talent and abilities are you avoiding? If you are not present in your body, who is there to receive?

What contribution can your body be to your life?

Our body is always with us, wherever we go. Do you desire to become best friends with you and your body?

We can have so much fun talking to it, receiving from it. In all areas of our life. EVEN money!

Would you like to be more intimite with your body? Have amazing sex? Enjoy orgasmic food?

How much more FUN are you willing to have with your Body?

  • PART 1

What if you were willing to receive energies with ease? Are you in doubt about energies? About other peoples´energies?

During this class we talk about tools to change your life, letting go of judgements about you, your life and your body.

When we start to enjoy us, we open up to so many more possibilities. And what if you were willing to explore this world and receive the awareness your body is gifting you all the time?

  •  PART 2

Food, weight & health, are you tired of everybody having a point view about it?

Would you like to change your weight? Have you decided that this is harder than other areas of your life?

Food: What if you had orgasmic experiences with food? Is it possible? What does it mean? And are you willing to receive a very different unique experience with food with your body?

Are you willing to be best friends with your body? Are you willing to talk to it… as you would like to be talked to from your friends? Caring and just being present, no matter what it is:-)

  • PART 3

Are you punishing you by not receiving what you desire? How much money are you avoiding by the points of views about Money and Your body – how to create and receive everything you desire? Any delicious choices you could be choosing?

A luxurious life in any way you would like it…you might loose some weight as well. Many clients have changed since this class.

Is it time to include playfulness into your life, flirting, having fun being on this planet…?
Money for you & your body!

  •  PART 4

Creating a maleable body, where everything can change with ease. What does that mean? Are you ready to create outside the box?

Are you willing to choose the unbelievable for you? Many things others can, but not me! What would happen if you would trust you?

To be the magic change you know is possible?

And then we have Sex & Intimacy – what can we receive differently and are you willing to create amazing sex in your life? And during this class we address different small things you can change in your daily life that will be a lot of fun to try ti!

What if you enjoyed walking down the street receiving the energy of other peoples´ admiration?
What are you now willing to choose?

  • PART 5

The magic adventure of bodies, exploring what else is possible? Beyond what we think is possible. Our point of views are just interested point of views and what do you do next?

Questions and tools to have more ease in this reality, a life that is fun for you! Pragmatic ways for your life!

And “Get over yourself Lisen” – one tool that you will have fun with. What if you were willing to be on an adventure while being at home, traveling the world? How can you use it all to your advantage? Receiving more awareness every second?

  • What amazing creations are you using to stop YOU?
    FASTER CHANGE NOW! 3 hours class Value: $100

What does change look like for you? Is it something you desire?

Do you like it when things go faster? Or is it more comfortable to have things go the way they usually do?
Nature is in constant change.

Are you getting bored quickly?

Are you aware of that things can be different for you?

Faster Change Now is about creating the space for you to be able to choose the life you know is possible!

And to change anywhere you are limiting your potency and possibilities…

Are you demanding to create what has never existed? Are you asking for more than you think you can handle?

How can you use your potency in your daily life? Do you avoid your abilities…?

Are you ready for FASTER CHANGE NOW?

  • BONUS: Recordings from the FASTER CHANGE NOW! from Chicago.

Lisen has received so much feedback after this class, so many people have changed things and received awareness about their lives in a totally new way.

What if you never made you wrong again? What would happen?

  • TOTAL VALUE: $550 for only $97
  • Yes, Nilofer! I want permanent access to Lisen’s package at the value price.