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Liam and Bret

The Not Doctors with Not Dr. Liam Phillips & Not Dr Bret Rushia

Liam PhillipsBret Rushia

Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

The Not Doctors is a weird, wild, and wacky, adventure started by two friends across the globe who each changed deadly diseases using the tools from Access Consciousness®. They are committed to bringing humour and lightness to the topic of disease. Are you a Not Doctor too?

We have put together an amazing Not Dr package for you, which include 4 MP3’s, 4 amazing clearing loops that when played regularly will get you to more awareness and 4 PDF’s for those that like to read the clearings. How does it get better than this?

One of the things we do as Not Docs is follow the energy so we have hand selected these 4 topics for you by asking that very question “What topics could we talk about that would give the greatest amount of change for people now and in the future?” You see the very tools we give to you are the tools we use to create our bodies and our lives. All of these products were created from that space of question, possibility and contribution.

  • An Invitation to a different possibility with The Not Doctors – The title really says it all. Just imagine if everything you bought as true and real about disease and healing was a lie or an implant to eliminate you? Ok have we got your attention yet? This stuff is different and it is designed to flip you out of banging your head against a brick wall. We know a person that bought the idea that to get ride of sciatica you had to sleep on the floor. Why? Because she had read it and when it is written it must be true. Was it working for her? She started that 5 years ago and she still has sciatica. If it is not working for you we invite you to come play with us.
  • Washing Away the Trauma and Drama of Money and Disease – Not Dr Bret and Liam are both very cute, I mean just look at their pictures, but they are not too bright. They too would often put money before their body. What if you could break the patterns that bind your body to money? What if you could choose for and your body with out all the trauma and drama?
  • Body Contribution – Have you ever asked your body its point of view? NO! Why? Because we are all entrained to make the dr or the guru or the teacher’s point of view greater than that of your bodies. What if you could sit back have a cuppa and ask your body about it self. Try it you may be surprised!
  • Defending Disease to the Death: A Secret Passage Through The Strong Hold of Disease – Just get that energy of defense, is heavy or light? When every we defend anything we go into fight or flight and this create dis-ease in the body. Just imagine how much lighter and easier your body could be if you didn’t use all that energy holding in place all that fight and flight! “Ahhh” That is sound of your body as you read this.
  • Total Value? How much is your body worth? That is the true value if this series! For this summit it is only $97, how does it get any better than that?
  • We invite you to listen to these recordings by following the energy, please listen to them in the order that is lightest for you! We are not going to tell much about these products, what we would like to gift you is the ability to know what is true for you. Have you not bought enough stuff from everybody already? Please use that muscle, if it is light for you, or is tingly, or yummy, or expansive then buy the product because when you choose for that lightness you will create more of that!
  • TOTAL VALUE: Priceless for only $97
  • Yes, Nilofer! I want permanent access to Not Doctor’s package at the value price.