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Kass 4

Choice: Knowing Activates Sweet Success with Kass Thomas


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

Why K.A.S.S…

(Why Knowing Activates Sweet Success)


  •  K -is for Knowing

Knowing what is right for you…

What is right for you makes you feel light. How to eliminate doubt, choose what is light for you and know what is right for you.

An simple and amazing tool to access your knowing and make choosing what is right for you easy and fun.


Light or Heavy? live class (Sagamore – 2013) value $ 75


  • A – is for Activate

Activate infinite possibilities by accessing ease in your interpersonal skills and amuse yourself and others with your ability to engage everyone and everything in the universe in contributing to you.

Play with the quantum entanglements of the universe and discover the fun of living a life of Ease and Amusement.


The Magic of Relating to Others with Ease live class (Greece – July 2013) – value $ 75

The Ease & Amusement of Living Consciously live class (South Africa Jan 2013)- Value $75


  •  S – Sweet Body

Recognizing the contribution your body can be to you in the creation of your life and living.

Stop judging your body and unwrap the great gift your body can be to you.


Choice, Connection and Communion with your Body – class live (Sagamore, USA Aug 2013) – Value $80

The Space of Being in Communion with Bodies – class live (Amherst, USA Nov 2013) – Value $60

The Space of Being in Communion with Bodies – class live (Helsingberg, Sweden Nov 2013) – Value $60


  • S – Success $$$

What tools can you use to invite more abundance and joy into your life.

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness says “Money follows joy”.

Discover how much fun you can have attracting more ease joy and money into your life.


How to become money intro class live (Budapest, Hungary – June 2013) – value $75

How to become money intro class live (Chichester, UK – Nov 2013) – value $75


  •  K.A.S.S. – Knowledge Activates Sweet Success

Kass is a natural connector, a warm invitation to celebrate your life and living.


Being the Space of Communion with Bodies live class (London, UK Nov 2013) -value $75

  • TOTAL VALUE: $650 for only $97
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