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Karlina 4

The Pragmatics of Choice with Karlina van der Weij


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

  •  Creation of Life and Living Daily Routines  Value: $55.00         

These are two loops, one for morning and one for evening, to add the joy, magic and creation into your life.

Using the access tools, we uncreate and destroy the things we’d like to create anew the next day and wake up to the possibilities of creation of today.

Through daily practice of listening to these tracks, your life will start to change to what you’ve been asking for.

For best practice standards, play on any device as you lay down in bed and play as you are waking up and before you get out of bed each morning.

  •  Sleep Easy Night Loop Value: $20.00

This is a night loop asking Who Does This Belong To?

Through the work with a client, we discovered by running this loop all night, even the people most sensitive to energies, were able to get a great night’s sleep.

In addition, you wake up in the morning aware, but not functioning from, other people’s stuff.

This is a 1 hour loop.

For best practice, play on a device very quietly in the bedroom in a playlist in iTunes to repeat until you wake up.

This can be set to play several times over between the Evening Routine and Morning Routine for even more amazing results.

  • Outcreating Competition Value: $80.00

Many of us are aware of competition and sometimes we start functioning from it, even though it’s not really true for us.

This is a lively one hour call with many Access practitioners and Facilitators from different backgrounds and experiences, discussing competition and how it shows up in their world.

Learn the tools you require to recognize it, see it for what it truly is for you and become the space required for you to be a different possibility in this world.

  •  Creating Money With Magic Value $50.00

A recording of a Live Introduction to Access, Creating Money With Magic is a look at many of the foundational tools Access Consciousness.

With a target to change the blockages and create the flow of money, we address many questions which affect our money flows and the energy flows in all aspects of our lives.

  • From Problem to Possibility Value: $55.00

Have you ever created a mountain out of nothing? That’s what we often do.

And the problems feel so very real. And so very huge!

This audio recording is a series of questions and an exercise to lead us out of the looping of problems and into the opening doors of possibility.

You can play this recording anytime you feel like you have a problem, big or small to snap you out of it.

You can also play it overnight in a constant loop if the problems are daunting and larger than life, so to speak.

This is an excellent tools to use if something is a limitation that is causing you to feel depressed and/or you can’t seem to see your way out of ‘the hole’ that you feel you’re in.

For many, money is one of those things.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $340 for only $97
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