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Living With a Changing Body


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

  •  Living With a Changing Body MP3 recording of a 1.5 hour live class with Juna Guetter
    Value $79

Is your body changing?
Do you have judgments and points of views about it?
Is there something you would like to change with your body and it isn’t changing…fast enough or the way you wish it would? Listen to this dynamic class from Toronto, Canada, 2014!

  • Living With a Changing Body Clearings(mp3 plus PDF) Value: $39.00

To dynamically increase the change from the class above, this verbal processing will assist you in starting to get more clarity in this area of your life. You can listen while you walk in the woods, sleep or when you’re working out…. The more you listen, the more your change and clarity will show up – it’s that easy!

  • From Fantasy to Reality Advanced Coaching Package with Juna Guetter and Sabine Hildebrandt Value $599


How often did you have a great idea, an inspiration that turned you on or you saw something you really wanted to do or be and then life happened and all your ideas, inspirations and insights ran through your fingers like the sand?

It is when life invites us to dance to the song of our laughing heart that the cackle of the mundane, the daily chores, the seeming importance of doing the dishes becomes so loud and convincing that we forget to listen to our own song.
We have put together an inspirational training program that guides you out of the maze without the exit called this reality, the matrix of limitations, into the space in which the beauty and the elegance of consciousness can unfold in every moment. 
You will receive
4 pre-recorded coaching Matrix Buster classes From Fantasy to Reality – 8 hours
2 Audio Mp3 Loops of Clearings from the classes– 1.5 hours
1 pdf of the Written Clearings on the Audio Loop plus some extra bonus ones!
A 14 page Playbook that takes you through the Basics, the Craft and the Art of moving from a life of fantasy to creating your reality!

  • TOTAL VALUE: $807 for only $97
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