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Jonas Svensson

“Accessing Your Knowing & Create the Future you REALLY Desire!”- Jonas Svensson


  • What if YOU, Accessing more of your KNOWING, would finally give you what you have been asking for?
  • What if there’s a way to create everything you desire?
  • What if it’s much EASIER & FUN than you could ever imagine?


This package is specially designed to guide you in the process of accessing more of you. To access your true capacity for creating what you desire? The mix of classes and topics will help you to go from functioning from any limitations you have bought as true into creating more FUN and EASE in all areas of your life. You, accessing more of you and your knowing is the key to get everything you have been asking for. This package will give you a new and different platform to function from, as well as special tools and techniques to change your situation with MONEY and RELATIONSHIPS. Are you ready for a new beginning?





  • “Accessing Your Knowing”

Live class designed to get you out of every limitation you have between you and your knowing. What if you KNOW much more than you think you do? A lot of tools and techniques to assist you in getting access to more of that knowing.
(Including written and recorded audio of all the processes)




  • “Having fun Being Different”

Are you stopping yourself from being different? A live class full of processes and techniques to have more FUN with being you. The different being you truly BE!

(Including written and recorded audio of all the processes)



  •  “Vulnerability as the source for creating and generating your future!”

Are you limiting your capacity for receiving? This live class is focusing on looking at the power and potency of creating from vulnerability. What if vulnerability is your ultimate strongness?

(Including written and recorded audio of all the processes)



  •  “Changing your money situation from EASE & JOY”

This 3h live class covers the steps and the awareness you need to change your money situation with ease & Joy. Including tools and the different aspects you need to be willing to do and be to create the change you desire.

(Including written and recorded audio of all the processes)



  • “Different Perspective – Different Relationships”

What would be possible if you looked at relationships from a different perspective? An almost 3 hour long live class looking at what would be possible if you were willing to look at relationships from a different pragmatic perspective, instead of the fantasies we have been taught. Would that give you the true intimacy you’re looking for?

(Including written and recorded audio of all the processes)



EXTRA GIFT 1 ! 25 minutes long dynamic talk and clearings.

  • “What if you are more than you could ever imagine? What if you ARE?

This “short talk” is designed to clear all the limitations, definitions and projections stopping you from access more than you thought was even possible? It’s a super intensive talk with a lot of clearings and processes to uncreate and destroy every defined limitation you have decided you have to function from.




  • “Money…Money…Money…” – Live Streamed Class from Rome, Italy (Oct 12)

This extra gift is an 2 hour long live class from Rome. Just for you, just for fun…

  • TOTAL VALUE: $806 for only $97
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