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Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

This package is specially designed to guide you in the process CREATING, RECEIVING and BEING more of you than you ever knew possible!

To access your true capacity for creating what you desire.

The mix of classes and topics will help you to go from functioning from any limitations you have bought as true into creating more POSSIBILITY and EASE in your life.

You, accessing more of you, and your knowing, and being willing to receive the possibilities around you is the key to get everything you have been asking for.

This package will give you a new and different platform to function from, as well as special tools and techniques to change your situation with ANY part of your life that isn’t working the way you would like.

Are you ready for a new reality?

  •  “Accessing Your Knowing”  Value: $97.00         

access your knowing larger
Live class designed to get you out of every limitation you have between you and your knowing.

What if you KNOW much more than you think you do?

A lot of tools and techniques to assist you in getting access to more of that knowing.

(Including written and recorded audio of all the processes)

  • “Demand” Value: $97.00

demand larger
Are you willing to be so present in your life that you create exactly what you desire?

Live class recording with dynamic awareness, information and tools to be the presence in your life that demands and creates a different possibility.

(Including written and recorded audio of all the processes)

  •  “Vulnerability as the source for creating and generating your future!” Value: $97.00

Vulnerability larger
Are you limiting your capacity for receiving?

This live class is focusing on looking at the power and potency of creating from vulnerability.

What if vulnerability is your ultimate strongness?

(Including written and recorded audio of all the processes)

  • “Window of Possibility” Value: $150.00

window of poss recording larger
This live class recording talks about the energy of creating and generating possibility as a way of life!

It includes tools, processes and awareness that will allow you to truly BE the question that will create the magic of doors and windows opening to different possibilities.

Could this be the gift of magic in your life you have always been asking for that would allow you to see more, be more and choose more?

(Including written and recorded audio of all the processes)

  •  “Windows of Possibilities – Be part of the 1st call of the series – LIVE on the TELEPHONE!” Value $50.00

Window of possibilities telecall larger
Join Jonas on the first call in his 4-part upcoming telecall series : “Windows Of Possibilities – CREATE more, RECEIVE more, BE more”.

You will have the opportunity to participate live on the call and ask Jonas questions!

You will also receive the recording of the call to listen to over and over to and expand your possibilities exponentially into the future!

(Including written and recorded audio of all the processes)

  • BONUS: Windows of Possibilities – co-creating with the Universe (Livestreamed from Chicago October 2013) Value: $59.00

What if there’s always a possibility in every moment?

What if you were able to create magic all the time?

When is the time? Is NOW the time?

What if NOW always is the time? Just in a different way…

  • BONUS: “Why 2014 Could Be your Best Year Ever” Value: $59.00

Live class recording, Melbourne, December 2013. Do you know now is the time?

Are you aware there is so much more available than ever before?

What would you like to create this year that you have never considered possible before?

Are you willing to step up and receive the Ease, Joy and Glory available?

Whatever you do, don’t have fun this year!

  • TOTAL VALUE: $609 for only $97
  • Yes, Nilofer ! I want permanent access to Jonas’s package at the value price.