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Now for most people this would be enough, and it will take you a long way.

But if you are like me and want to experience Peace of Mind and Happiness instantly, you might consider booking an Energy Balancing Session with me.

“I have had the incredible experience of receiving Energy Balancing Sessions  from Nilofer with absolutely incredible results. I would manifest the very things I wanted in each session almost immediately and the results built to a cumulative effect as I achieved the rewards of all levels to number 12. I feel very spiritually ‘cleaned up’ and find it effortless to attract the fun games I want to play in life – such as fabulous clients, friendships, creative projects and just things going my way in general. I’d always been pretty good at attracting what I desired, but Nilofer supercharged this ability through her expert application of the EMF Balancing Technique.”

Melanie Nelson

Energy Balancing

“After having the sessions with Nilofer my life has changed in such a profound yet subtle way. I can see changes within and without. My family is closer. There is more love. My relationship with my partner has changed. We love deeper and are more committed to each other. I am studying something I am very passionate about. I have attracted more love and connection into my life. Since these sessions I have connected more deeply with my quest for my purpose in existence. Stuff still goes on but there is more grace in my life to solve issues. It is like I have reconnected with a part of myself I had lost.”

Juliet Gauci, Abu Dhabi