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Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:


  •  – Diving into the space with DSM – telecall #1 from the 4-part series + bonus Value: $60

diving into dsm
This is the first call of the 4-part telecall series “Diving into the space with DSM”.

“Diving into the space with DSM” invites you to expand into a greater gratitude, ease, generosity, laughter, play and possibility.

Dive into the Space and prepare to receive, because Access Consciousness® takes you beyond seemingly real limitations. In Access Consciousness® everything – money, sex, business and relationship issues, all offer you a gift and an opportunity to discover greater ease, expansion and potency.

Are you ready to be “caressed” in the Space, with the Space, by the Space between the Molecules?

What if you are the true creator of your life and living?

Are you willing to choose to have more awareness, to achieve a stronger connection between your body, your mind and your being?

Are you ready to BE the contribution you came here for, to drop all your limitations and be the gift that you truly are?

This is for everyone who desires more; more for you and more for us and more for the planet.

If you choose to purchase this package, Graziano would like to gift you the chance to buy the rest of the telecall (3 remaining telecalls) + 2 surprises for just $97! You will find out more about this special offer on www.grazianodominici.com.

  • – Belgrade evening class “Clearing night” recording Value: $80

clearing night
What would you choose to create if you were truly being you?

What would you create if you didn’t have any limitations?

Would you like to have more fun, pleasure and joy?

Graziano is always inviting you to access and be more of you; to have more ease and find more pleasure in everything that you do; to experience peace, calmness and gratitude in all areas of life.

Enjoy the recording!

  •  – Adelaide “DSM intro” recording Value: $80

intro dsm
DSM (Dance Space Molecules) class invites you to enjoy and dance in the space between the molecules. A unique experience where you can close your eyes and BE the infinite being you truly Be, always have Been and always will Be!

What if you are the creator of your life and your embodiment?

What if the molecules of the Universe are here to support you in whatever you want to create as your life?

The target of DSM is to truly sense energetically and cognitively that you are the creator of your life, your embodiment, and the space you choose to be.

Are you willing to Be the Space You Truly BeTM?


  • A special DSM exercise made for this summit only

dsm exercise

  • TOTAL VALUE: $220 for only $97

  • Yes, Nilofer! I want permanent access to Graziano’s package at the value price.