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Gold Coaching Program

The Gold Coaching Program

The Gold Coaching Program is a 6 week coaching program


  • Six 60 min one on one coaching sessions with Nilofer
  • Recordings of all the six calls
  • A homeplay assignment every week

What will your 2013 look like if you choose this coaching program?

What will it be like if you don’t? Check into the energy, is it light, expansive and abundant?

Come play!

What People are saying…..

  • Before – I have been with this man for 4 years, 3 of them were great and then the relationship broke and then he left me. I have read every book on relationship and how to get a man back I could get my hands on. After a year he returned to me only to leave me again after two months. I still love him and want him back. He is still in my life, meaning that he calls me every morning to wake me up to go to work and calls me sometimes. And I have met with him two times this year.

    After – Nilofer was amazing. She asked me a lot of questions so that I could see what I couldn’t see before.
    It is like some big veil lifted from my eyes. I can see now things that I couldn’t see before and I feel like there might be new possibilities for my love life.
    As I can see things right now she has been a great contribution to me and the energy of what was shifting for was so high that we fryed the lines 🙂
    She has a nurturing presence, I loved that. I feel so different right now, like I’m not trapped anymore.
    Thank you so much Nilofer

$ 497 (You Save $343)