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Glenyce Hughes-Medium

A Phenomenal and Special Offer from Glenyce Hughes
What are the infinite possibilities?

Glenyce Hughes

  •  Tools to Create and Generate Your Phenomenal Life and Living – $197

Previously Recorded Telecall on audio plus handout on PDF

  •  What are the Infinite Possibilities for Your Phenomenal Life? – $77

Audio Clearing Loop on audio and written on PDF

Previously Recorded Telecall on audio, clearing loop on audio and PDF

  • Energy Ball Exercise to Create the Phenomenal Life Your Heart Desires – $97

This audio will take you step by step, clearing along the way, through the energy ball exercise to create a
phenomenal life your heart desires.

  • Questions to Ask Every Morning to Create the Phenomenal Life Your Heart Desires – $97

On both PDF and audio

  • Questions to Ask Every Evening to Create the Phenomenal Life Your Heart Desires – $97

On both PDF and audio

  • Short Audio’s to Assist You in Asking the Question – $97

Money now.
Fun, phenomenal and rewarding.
Get any better than this.
Infinite possibilities
Universe show me.
Gifts, talents and abilities from all lifetimes.

  • Clearings for each Bar Audio – $97

Phenomenal audio to Play during a Bars session or while doing a self session.

  • Body Processes – $197

Demolecular Manifestation, Molecular Demanifestation
PLUS Source Field for the Elimination and Eradication of Toxic Almagams
PDF and 3 audios to connect you with the energies of these body processes and how to use them for:
Food and drinks
Body Intensity
Contribution to the earth

  • TOTAL VALUE: $1055 for only $97
  • Yes, Nilofer! I want permanent access to Glenyce’s package at the value price.