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Choice and Possibility – Tools for creating your life from where you are now


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

On the call, you will discover how to:

Release hidden blocks that are stopping you from having the money, relationship and health you desire

Let go of what is no longer a contribution to you

Master your thoughts to make them serve you

Gain tools to begin using choice to your advantage

  •  Possibility Call  Value: $250.00         

Life is filled with self judgement, stress, family stress, and tension. What better time to clear away barriers to choice, possibility and receiving! How much are you willing to have? Would you like to create something different then this reality has ever told you was possible? Join this call now!

  • Choice and Possibility Class Value: $450.00

* 3 Previously recorded classes

* 3 night time loops of clearings from each of the 3 calls to help facilitate even more releasing of unwanted hidden blocks that sabotage you

* let go of judgements of you

* receive more of who you truly be

* create more choice and possibility for you now

  •  Choice and Possibility with Money Value: $97.00

*One hour call with questions and clearing around money and receiving.

  •  Testimonials

“Wow the Choice series was so much more then I ever imagined possible. I am so much more aware and have more gratitude then ever before. I never saw how much I was hurting me with my self- judgement until now and I have the tools to change that now!”

AV- Arizona

“I took the Choice classes and was in doubt that this could really change anything. I tried the tools and hey really work. I am so grateful to have been part of a call that offered real tools that work and more told then I expected. Donna’s willingness to be vulnerable and follow the energy on each call created so much space for me.”

Marcie LaGuidice- New Rochelle, NY

One of the best teachers I have ever known, I was so busy enjoying learning I had so much fun”
So Much Fun!

Tonya Evans

“During the Choice and Possibility series I could tell Donna has a gift working with energy. You can sense everyone on the calls shifting and changing. You can sense the space that was created and the expansion. I am on so many calls with people all over the world. I have never experienced anything like this. I received so much more of me and I am forever grateful.

Carlita Belgrove- Mt. Vernon, NY

Something changed for me. I was serious and a bit depressed and I haven’t stopped laughing since the 3 Keys to Change Anything series, even in my business meeting!’ Dino Ibelli”
Love and Joy

Dino Ibelli

  • TOTAL VALUE: $797 for only $97
  • Yes, Nilofer ! I want permanent access to Donna’s package at the value price.