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Diva 4

Choosing to Thrive with Diva Diaz


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

Have you been choosing to just ‘get by’? To survive until next pay day? To wait until your body is better, until you have time, until you have the money before moving forward? How has that been working for you? What if there is a different possibility available?
-What if you really chose to thrive?
-The difference between life and living and thriving.
-4 steps to choosing with ease: What is required to create the life you truly desire?

  •  Creating the Business You Know You’re Capable of  Value: $120.00         

What if what you think you’re capable of creating is only the tip of the iceberg? What would be possible if you removed the obstacles to being all of YOU in business? This class explores the energies required to start creating what you truly know you’re capable of that you haven’t been able to access yet.

  • How To Become Money Value: $95.00

Based on the How To Become Money workbook from Access Consciousness®

To have anything you have to be willing to be the energy of it. How much have you asked, wished and hoped for money yet have not become the energy required to truly have it?
This class walks you through exercises that allow you to see what your point of view about money is, and changes it for you so that you can become the energy that will invite more money into your life.

  •  Unleashing Your Creativity Call #1 Value: $97.00


Have you ever wondered why you can have so many ideas and yet none of them gets instituted or sees the light of day past the idea stage?

Call 1 of this 3-part teleseries starts to undo the points of view that you have that keep you from actually instituting the steps that would allow your ideas to thrive.

It also includes the tools, steps and questions you can ask to discover how to unleash your creativity in ways that will allow you to make money, have fun and create more with ease!


  • A New Idea for dealing with Autism, OCD, ADD & ADHD – Call #1 – Business Value: $97.00

This call 1 of a 4-part teleseries is about learning to speak the language of people and kids who have been labeled as disabled or with learning difficulties.

What if there is nothing wrong with these people at all?

What if they receive information in an entirely different way that far beyond what society recognizes as normal communication?

This call is not only for people that have been labeled or who work with such people, it is for anyone looking for a greater form of communication and communion on the planet.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $409 for only $97
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