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Diamond Coaching Program

The Diamond Coaching Program

The Diamond Coaching Program is a 12 week coaching program


  • Twelve 60 min one on one coaching sessions with Nilofer
  • One Bonus Free 60 min coaching session
  • Recordings of all the thirteen calls
  • A homeplay assignment every week

What will your 2013 look like if you choose this coaching program?

What will it be like if you don’t? Check into the energy, is it light, expansive and abundant?

Come play!

  • Nilofer was amazing. She asked me a lot of questions so that I could see what I couldn’t see before.
    It is like some big veil lifted from my eyes. I can see now things that I couldn’t see before and I feel like there might be new possibilities for my love life.
    As I can see things right now she has been a great contribution to me and the energy of what was shifting for was so high that we fryed the lines :))
    She has a nurturing presence, I loved that. I feel so different right now, like I’m not trapped anymore.
    Thank you so much Nilofer

I like to reward Early Action Takers. If you step into this Coaching Program within 24 hours of our session together you pay 1197$ after which it is 1500$

$ 1197 (You Save $313)

Before the session my issues were not enough business, not enough clients or students taking my classes, frustration on my part.

During the session – Getting clarity on the targets really helped, as some things came out that I didn’t realize and also saying it to someone that is objective like you was good. Also, I loved the idea that even my perceived weaknesses could be my biggest strength. 🙂 (How many times have I heard this and still judge my perceived wrongnesses? Interesting.) I think I do need to look at my challenges and turn them around to see what the strengths I have are and how I can use them daily like you suggested. Asking me if I’m holding back, very interesting. yes, have all of my life, so cool, now what do I do to use this to my advantage and to grow my business? or change it if I choose? Yes, the questions you asked were very insightful and the ideas, the strategies of how to build the one-on-one clients is something I would like to try, the great idea of having the clients be repeaters, I’ve thought of this, but not quite as obvious with packages for the Bars sessions so that was good to think about. I agree, creating an action plan is the next step and your 5 items were good foundational things.

I woke up and this morning in my reflection time I generated more ideas and considerations on what we discussed, very exciting.

Nilofer had insightful questions, listened to me well, and perceived the energy even better with our initial coaching session. I am intrigued by the ideas generated from the session and am excited about putting them into place to grow my business. I would recommend her highly.

Thanks for your contribution, Nilofer!

If you would like a monthly payment plan, you pay $500/month for 3 months

Thanks too for the session.

I had a great dream last night. I was waiting for a bomb to explode that didn’t. It really showed me how I’m bracing for the worst – even making it happen! I’ve known it before but it was quite more noticeable with this ‘bomb’ dream.

I feel much lighter and am loving the process you gave me. I feel much freer.

Even I am an optimistic person, I was losing my hope or better to say I started to be inpatient to get what I really dream of = to have my own children. And because of we are slowly planning our return back to lour home country, we are looking for a place to settle down and it is not easy to find a perfect place where I would feel well and happy. And as I told you I have been sent one e mail about some land and a house there which seems nice, but quite expensive.

After the session I feel I am more positive about what I want to have and achieve. I am stronger to send away my doubt thoughts and really focusing on what I want.

Nilofer guided me professionaly to look in a different way to achieve my targets, to trust my beliefs.

$ 1197 (You Save $313) NOW or $ 1500 after 24 hours

$500/month for 3 months now OR $600/month for 3 months later