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Cory Michelle Johnson

Cory’s Special Package for Illusion to Illumination Summit


Do you hold back? Have you ever not said, been or done something because of the rules? That’s not acceptable, you need to be professional, play the political game, etc? What if you could be YOU and have your life turn out better than you could imagine? Cory Michelle will share tips and clearings that will empower you to be you and break the rules!

Cory Michelle Johnson


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

  • Item #1 : Access Your Thriving Business 10 Week recorded call series  ( a $600 value)

MP3 Download
TeleClass facilitated by Cory Michelle Johnson
Price: $600

– 10 90-minute calls on Beliefs about money, business, receiving, Pricing & Asking, Creating your day for success: Eliminating overwhelm, choosing for you, Creating Classes & Products: Generating and instituting sales, Stepping into your potency: It’s not about the numbers, Form & Structure: Creating what works for you, Being the invitation: Connection, intimacy, invitation, Be YOU Change the world: Contribution & collaboration, releasing Competition

– Blueprints of exercises to step you into thriving
– Nighttime loops to take you to the next level

  • Item #2: 3 Keys to Super Charge Your Receiving telecall : ($50 value)

MP3 Download
With Cory Michelle Johnson
Value: $50
  • Item #3 : Client Attraction Mojo – get yours on!  ( a $150 value)

Ever feel like you are out of sync? Don’t really feel like being out there in the world?

This class shows you how you can change your energy at any moment and have mojo any time!

  • Item #4 : Unleashing the true YOU, Live like you don’t care who’s watching! : ($50 value)

MP3 Download
With Cory Michelle Johnson
Value: $50


Would you like to let loose? Forget about the judgments of others? Or even better the judgment of yourself?

This recorded class starts to eliminate every where you get hooked into not being you.

  • Item #5 : Bonus –  Client Attraction Blueprint, plus create your day audios ( $37 value)

    Get started in the morning with being in the question and see what starts to actualize for you!

    This is my favorite product!

  • That’s a total value of $850, offered at $97!


$850 Only for $97

  • Yes, Nilofer! I want permanent access to Cory’s package at the value price.