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Cory Johnson

5 Secrets to Living a Juicy Orgasmic Life

Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

  • Create your $100,000 Year LIVE STREAM 2014 (Value:$177)

This dynamic 5 part class will take you through energetically aligning you with the potential of your business, creating your juicy life and releasing anything in your way to having it in 2013!

First we will destroy family patterning, limited receiving, and other limitations you may have to bringing your gifts and business to the world in a big way.

Then we move into clarifying your priorities, Targets and platform.

You’ll then receive a process to energetically align you with having all of that energy NOW and learn the secrets to creating your inspired action plan in co-creation with the universe.

  • Recording of our last live Create Your $100k Year – 2013(Value:$177)
  • You can get started on creating. Listening to 2 of these dynamic classes will create a more dynamic expansion in your business.


  • $1000 in 1 week challenge (Value:$97)

The perfect step by step program to build traction, gain testimonials, and make some money.

  • Client Attraction Blueprint (Value:$37)

Daily exercises to boost your business right away

PDF and audio exercise

  • TOTAL VALUE: $488 for only $97
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