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We , the Golden Pyramid of Peace team, based in Dubai and Bahrain, are holding a SYNCHRONISED meditation Tuesday 29th to send energy to Japan.

If you are based in Dubai, we will be at the Pulse and Listening centre in Umm Sequiem at 7 pm. For those of you who cant be there in person but might like to contribute to the energy, light a candle at 7 pm and spend 10 minutes in silence to send out healing energy.  We are just asking for a donation of 50 AED ( or more if you are called)  which will go straight to Japan.

The recent tragedy in Japan demands our help! Due to the earthquakes and tsunami that recently ruined the lives of many, we are working to do everything we can to support those affected.

Some background to the Golden Pyramid of Peace .

The Golden Pyramid of Peace is not a non-profit organization – we are a group of individuals who want to support those in need. Taking responsibility for our world and those that we consider members of our family by living in that world, we are striving to bring hope!

100% Goes to the Victims!

All of the money donated – that’s right, 100% – will go straight to the people of Japan. There are no administrative fees, advertising dollars,
or maintenance fees taken. Rest assured that the entire amount you donate will reach those in need.

Please visit to see photos of our Golden Pyramid of Peace Team in Japan and their up-to-date relief efforts going straight into the areas where help is needed most!


Lisa Kennedy

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Gurudjieff Sacred Dances

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This weekend I attended an absolutely amazing seminar. We were truly blessed to have in our midst Amiyo and Chetan from France who are Facilitators of Gurudjieff Dances.

For me meditation has always meant sitting down with my eyes closed and being in silence, stilling the mind. So this was a remarkable experience to actually have my eyes open and actually move my body around to achieve this meditative stillness.

As I look back I realise that I have been doing that already when I teach Yoga. I have people observe me demonstrate the pose, and then close their eyes and put their attention within their body, observing the sensations in their body and their breath as they remain in the pose.

It was interesting to note the same philosophy in practise during the workshop. The only difference was to be aware of different body parts and the breath as we were practising the different dances.

At the end of 2 days I was absolutely exhausted physically but my mind was more tranquil than ever before. I have been contemplating the two days and integrating all that I have learnt. My heart yearns to be a part of a longer workshop.

The two videos above are just 2 of the dances that we practised over the weekend. Watch the videos, and watch yourself. Just watching them can put you in such a deep meditative trance. And then imagine what practising these can do for you.

I would love to hear your comments.

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This week in my Wednesday morning group we are doing a Sound Healing Meditation from Tom Kenyon.

We will be doing the Meditation of Archangel Raphael.

Check out this beautiful video above. Set aside about 10 min, sit in front of your computer with the speakers turned up, play the video and close your eyes. This is a beautiful sound meditation.

Tell me what you think of it and do share your experiences by commenting below. I have it on as I am typing this blog post and I am feeling the most profound peace and love in my heart. I hope you experience the same.

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Check out these great meditations from Orin.

There are many short meditations by Orin, given through Sanaya, for you to listen to to expand your consciousness and to experience more light in your life.  Get quiet for a moment, and decide which area you want to work on.  Select a meditation to listen to by clicking on a meditation title below.  Each meditation is from 3-7 minutes long, so relax, enjoy, and join us for a moment of quiet reflection and light.

Orin’s Meditation Room-

Hey, remember guys to leave a comment below and tell me what you think about these meditations.

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