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Totally Different Dad with Endless Choice with Brendon Watt


Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

  •  WHAT IF YOU HAD ENDLESS CHOICE WITH YOUR KIDS?  Value: $350.00         

5 LIVE calls
Starting: 23rd July (USA) 24th July (Australia)
Dates: Australia: 24th July, 31st July, 7th Aug, 14th Aug, 21st Aug.
You will receive 5 x 75 minute calls with downloads and clearings.
1. Just because you have kids does not mean you have to give up your life. Changing and destroying all the points of views you have created in the significance and conclusion of having kids. You still have choice.
2. Do you give your kids choice? What if you allowed the energy to lead you and your children? Do you ask your children what they would like? With sleeping times? Food? Activities? What if asking them opened up to totally different possibilities.
3. What if you could allow your kids the choice to start creating their life now – with no judgement?


To dynamically increase the change from the class above, this verbal processing will assist you in starting to get more clarity to create more ease with your kids. You can listen while you walk in the woods, sleep or when you’re working out…. The more you listen, the more your change and clarity will show up – it’s that easy!

  • TOTAL VALUE: $400 for only $150
  • Yes, Nilofer! I want permanent access to Brendon’s package at the value price.