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Blossom Benedict

Survival To Thrival- Your Phenominal Life!


Join Blossom Benedict for a 6 part intensive shifting your life from survival to thrival.  Intensive areas include: money, body, relationships, family, business and being seen and heard.

Product Description

Are there areas of your life where you feel like you are just surviving and know so much more should be possible?

Money, body, business, relationships, family and sharing your voice are 6 areas where Blossom has completely transformed her life using the tools of Access Consciousness™. 

Join Blossom for a 6 part intensive exploring the questions, tools, clearings and choices that can begin unlocking your life and give you the choice to thrive.



You will receive 9 hrs of topic rich facilitation, night clearings for each topic, 6 hrs of bonus material and priceless class interaction valued at $1,182.




Call Descriptions:





  • Beyond Survival With Money- value $150




What points of view do you have about money that keep you creating the same “never enough” over and over?  Would you be willing to invite money to come play with you? Who have you duplicated your programming for what you can and should and can’t and won’t receive?   This call will blast through all the insanity you have been creating your finances from and give you tools to thrive and choose from a abundance and possibility.


 *In the last 6 years, using Access tools, Blossom has multiplied her income x10, creating multiple revenue streams and so much peace and ease with money!  This is one area she felt truly helpless in and she now knows you can choose beyond what you currently see as possible!





  • Beyond Surviving Your Body- value $150


01 RVFY-Body_THUMB.jpg


If you treated your dog the way you treat your body, would it run away?  What if you could stop struggling with your body and truly step into the greatness and joy available?  Have you tried so many diets and plans that you no longer have any clue what YOU like to eat or what YOUR body requires?  Learn how to use the information your body is giving you to your advantage as you begin looking at the deep seated beliefs about your body you have been slogging around with you.  Is it time for your body to thrive? 


*With the tools of Access Blossom has gotten off medication she was told would require “the rest of her life” and literally change her blood composition.  She invites you to the tools that gave her a willingness and ability to listen to her body and begin shifting it with ease.





  • Beyond Surviving Your Relationship- value $150


04 RVFY-Relationship_THUMB.jpg


Have you ever cut off pieces of you in order to make someone else happy?  Or given up a dream for someone? OR found yourself attracting people who are not what you thought you wanted?  What if adding someone to your life didn’t have to take anything away from you? Would you be willing to allow relationships to contribute money to your life?  This call will take the latest access processing available and help you get clear on what you are asking for and what it will take to create that in your life.


*Blossom is currently enjoying a man that truly gifts to her AND is surrounded with a number of friends who don’t judge or expect her to be any different than she is.  This was not always the case!  In the area of relationship she doesn’t have any answers for you, but she certainly knows what it is like to choose beyond what you think is possible.  





  • Beyond Surviving Your Family- value $150


02 RVFY-Family_THUMB.jpg


What if your points of view about your family are precisely what are keeping them from changing?  What if you could move from the need to control and be right and into allowance and trust?  Family is one of the places in this reality where we collectively agree on so many  limitations that keep us from truly contributing to and enjoying our family… or seeing them for who they truly are.  Is it time to have a little more awareness and ease?  








  • Beyond Surviving Your Business- value $150


03 RVFY-Business_THUMB.jpg


What if your business did not define you?  What if your business did not have to create stress in your life?  Is it possible to do business from the joy of it?  Taking conclusion and assumption away from business, this call will put you back into the question to begin allowing your business to take care of itself and begin contributing to YOU! 


 Blossom works closely with access founder Gary Douglas and an extraordinary team, creating a dynamic and ever expanding business and this “down” economy.  Working with a team functioning from question, choice, possibility and contribution has given her a totally new sense of the joys of doing business.






  • Sharing Your Voice With the World- value $150


05 RVFY-Voice_THUMB.jpg


What gift do you have to share with the world that you have been stifling?  Where have you been playing small when you could be stepping into your phenomenal life?  Your points of view about being seen, heard, listened to, acknowledged can greatly stifle you willingness and ability to show up.  Is it time to clear the insanity around your voice and get clear on what you can step into and choose today? 


*Blossom Benedict is the co-creator of Right Voice For You and teaches workshops around the world in sharing your voice with the world.  When Blossom started Access she was living in New York and singing professionally… and judging her voice like crazy!  She invites you to the joy and freedom she has found with the access tools in having and enjoying her voice. 




  • Clearings Included: Value $47 each = $282 




To dynamically increase the change from the class above, you will receive verbal processes both written and recorded from each class. You can listen in your car, while you sleep, or when you’re working out…. The more you listen, the more your reality around money will change – it’s that easy!


  • TOTAL VALUE: $1182 for only $97

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