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Blossom 4

Stepping Out and Showing Up

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Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

  • Do you judge you are not enough? Not doing enough? Not being enough?
  •  You have a capacity that so incredibly unique and dynamic… and it doesn’t require you figuring out how to do more… it requires you showing up as YOU in front of other people!
  • What would it be like if you were willing to be you in totality in front of others, with no judgment of you… and enjoy it? Would the whole world change?
  •  This 6 part teleseries will explore what is in your way of finding and sharing your voice with the world more dynamically than you ever knew was possible!
  • With exercises and “home play” after each call, you will be given the opportunity to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone and into creation.
  • Is it time to let all that go and finally show up in the world as the greatness you truly be?
  • Series Includes:
  • • 6 x 90 minute calls
    • 6 x written clearings from call
    • 6 x recorded clearings
    • homeplay and exercise between call

  • Bonus:Right Voice For You Breakthrough Taster Mumbai India Feb 2014 Value: Priceless

This 2 hr class from Mumbai India was very special. The questions these amazing participants asked combined with some of the specific limitations and traditions present in India wove together a truly unique evening of change.
Some of the topics covered include:
Waiting for Others to Beg You
Positive Judgments
Trusting Your Knowing
Impromptu Speaking
The Power of Wonder

  • What others are saying:


This Lady is amazing. I have noticed huge changes in myself after taking her classes! My need for validation from others has almost ceased to exist, I have more ease promoting my art, my singing voice is freer and I’m more willing to be seen and heard. Simone Padur


Wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! I have lots of new awareness with this series and I would like to acknowledge the impact you are having on me. I am becoming clearer and clearer about not limiting what I ask for as well as not destroying the possibility of me actually having it. This is huge for me!
Libby Myers


I just wanted to share how much of a contribution your Stepping Out class has been for me already. I listened to the last call again right before I started my first foundation and L1 class this past Friday and it totally set the tone and even some of the direction that the class launched off from. The F/L1 classes were amazing and I’ve got some totally glowing testimonials today! I am thrilled and so grateful for you and that I’m finally Stepping Out!
Judy Tobey


Loved the call today! Outstanding! Expansive! Create provoking! Keep up the great or better work. I live some of these principles and can do even better now. Admiration to U!
Joe Bigart

  • TOTAL VALUE:  for only $250
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