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Empowering your Kids to Choose

Anne Maxwell

Here is what is included in this AMAZING Special Offer:

Do you wonder sometimes what’s going on with your kids/with the kids in your care?

What makes them tick? What are they saying, especially when their words don’t seem to match?

What if there was a different way to be with kids?

What if you could speak their language – no matter their age, who they are, their experiences, their past, what others say about them … and about you?

If you had some new tools to add to the ones you already use that work … new tools that you can use to tap into what you know, not what others tell you … what could you begin to create together?

  • All About Your Kids – A 4 week teleclass Value: $300.00

Join Anne for this 4 week Teleclass, where you will learn more tools of Access Consciousness ™ to use to tap into the children in your life and into you.

These tools and processes can assist you in gaining greater clarity, not only about your kids or the kids in your life, but about yourself!

You will receive mp3 recordings of the calls as well as mp3’s of the clearings and processes, so that you can listen to them whenever and as often as you’d like.

If you put the mp3’s of the clearings on a loop, and, play them at night, the change is often even deeper!
Calls and Loops

Week 1 – Family

What is family?

How many of your beliefs, attitudes, values and morals are based on trying to fit into your family, or on rebelling against them?

How do they affect you and your children?

Week 2 – Developmental changes

What does child development have to do with your child? Anything? And, what’s “normal”?

Week 3 – Bullying and Abuse

A different take. What is bullying? What is abuse? Is there such a thing as a victim? Let’s talk about all that and so much more!

Week 4 – Diagnoses

ADD, ADHD, PTSD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Reactive Attachment Disorder – A different point of view on behaviors and symptoms.

What are the kids really saying? An opportunity for you to discuss any questions with Anne.

  •  A 30 minute private session with Anne, by telephone or by Skype Value: $125.00

You will have 30 minutes, all to yourself, with Anne, to ask her any questions you would like about your kids, you, your family, and the kind of life you would like to create with all of that!

  • “The Joy of Kids” teleclass – 2 Recorded Telecalls Value: $150.00

Call #1 – Source of being

What if your kids were no longer your source of being?

This call is all about stepping beyond the limitations and judgments that lock you and your kids into a no-choice universe, and creating a different possibility together.

Call #2 – Play

Play …What is it? What if the energy of play is the energy of creation?

What if being playful is something that could be woven into your life and living? This call takes you into a world of ease and creation with your kids.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $575 for only $97
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