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Amanda Kronberg

  • $100 “Anti-Marketing” Marketing Call – 90 minutes

This tele-class recording presents several of energetic tools you can use to create you business, career, relationships, and a life that works for you without using typical marketing and social tactics.

  • $100 Money Is Not The Problem You Are – 97 minutes

Would you like to create a new possibility with money? This recorded class took place in Sweden with participants from around the globe exploring the stops and blocks of having more money.

  • $150 Part One Of Being, Knowing, and Perceiving You (From Foundation Haarlem) – 70 minutes 

What if you are an infinite being? What if you are way more aware of the universe than you have ever been willing to admit? This part one class recording from Haarlem, Netherlands facilitates more awareness and a new possibility to embody, perceive, be, know, and receive more of you. Gain clarity about how you may be intertwining judgment with your awareness to create confusion and unawareness. What if you could also have the potency of vulnerability?

  • $100 Key 1 – 10 Keys To Magical Living – 60 minutes

Why do you insist on functioning as a limited person? Explore the first of 10 Keys To Magical Living that will assist you in expanding your awareness of you as an infinite being.

  • $200 Actualizing Your Magical Possibilities Clearing Loop – 60 minutes

One hour of verbal clearings that will release the stops and blocks of creating this magical possibility you are aware of.

  • $200 Magical Embodiment Clearing Loop – 60 minutes
  • One hour of verbal clearings that will assist you in having a fun, easy, and magical embodiment here on this planet. Is it time for you to have even more joy and fun on this planet?

  • TOTAL VALUE: $850 for only $97
  • Yes, Nilofer! I want permanent access to Amanda’s package at the value price.