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PD was highly stressed at work. He had been transferred to a new department under a new boss.

His boss was very hostile towards him. He refused to provide any on the job training to him. He told PD that he would have to figure out things an his own. All he required was to get the work done seamlessly.

PD was finding it very difficult to work under the new boss who had taken to criticising him for every tiny thing without offering anything constructive in return.

He felt like he had slipped into a negative spiral. He was continuously blaming the circumstances, blaming his boss.

Even in the workplace his boss was not liked. So all his thoughts, feelings and emotions with his boss were being continuously reinforced in discussions with his colleagues.

How do you change this?

The first thing you have to look at is that in a situation like this, you are reacting. If you had tools to handle your knee jerk reactions, that would be 80% of your work done.

Then you would not have any stress or angst about your job or your boss. You would approach your work day with a clean slate instead of carrying emotional baggage from before.

Here’s the thing. You cannot change anyone. Could PD have changed his boss? No. But we tend to assign blame to people and circumstances, hoping that if they change our lives will be better. That is a setup for failure.

However you can always change HOW you react to people and situations. If you don’t get triggered, you can then RESPOND.

But let’s face it, it’s not easy to not be triggered. And that is because you don’t have the tools to handle the stress in your life.

If you don’t handle the stress, it continues to build up. You might let off steam by losing your temper with your spouse or kids or with your subordinates. You are a walking talking bundle of triggers waiting to happen.

What if you had the tools to release your stress easily and quickly? Would that restore your balance and equilibrium?

What if you could maintain your balance no matter what situation you were in?

In fact what if difficult people and situations allowed you to function at optimum capacity?

Would you then be an effect of your boss or workplace? Or could you be totally in charge of your own life and create a dynamic that totally worked for you?

I’d like to invite you to my Free Training – Career Success.

In this training, you will learn the strategies to handle stress in your workplace.

You will also learn how you can convert a hostile boss to a supportive one.

Answer the following questions –

Are you in a job that is working for you?

Do you enjoy your work?

Do you have the position and the salary and the benefits and perks you desire?

Do you work with supportive people – colleagues and boss?

Do you get the promotions and the increments you desire?

If your answer is no to any of the above, you are in the correct place.

What if you could have everything you desire in your career?

What stops you?

Discover your blocks to achieving career success and what you can do to eliminate them

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