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I was speaking to someone recently. Her company had been going through a merger. It was now 3 months since the merger and she had been assigned to work in a new team, under a new boss. She was struggling under her new boss. Her boss had an autocratic way of functioning.

Team initiative and ideas were not encouraged. If she expressed her ideas in team meetings, her input was ridiculed by the boss and she was put down. workplace-1245776_640

Her boss liked to micromanage.

After being assigned a project or task, her boss would call her at different times of the day and check if she had done this this this and this.

My client had lost confidence in herself as she was being criticized constantly. She resented being micromanaged like a kid just out from college. She wanted to be able to function independently as she had 17 years of job experience.

She was unhappy as she felt like she was constantly involved in nitty gritty day to day activities instead of doing creative projects. She also felt like she was sliding in terms of personal development and performance as the new company just wasn’t focused on growth and strategy.

She was highly stressed, carried a lot of angst and resentment and her confidence was at an all time low! Also she felt like she was not able to stand up to the boss.

She felt like her head was full of stuff. Incidents kept playing over and over again in her head. Even when she was home, she carried her job stress and pressure with her. The job tapes kept running in her head 24/7.

Can you relate?

DSC03437When you have something like this going on, you feel like you are totally out of control. You feel like a victim of circumstances. It’s almost like you are living a nightmare. Are you really a victim of circumstances?

You can have whatever circumstances showing up in your life. But how you choose to interact with them is up to you. Do you react to them or do you respond to them?

If you are carrying a lot of stress or pressure, chances are that you are reacting to situations. This reaction could be just expecting the worst from the boss. Or a belief that things are not going to change.

So how do you break this vicious cycle of knee jerk reactions and be able to respond objectively to situations? I have a Free Workshop that will help called – Career Success.

• Are you in a job that is working for you?
• Do you enjoy your work?
• Do you have the position, salary, benefits and perks you deserve?
• Do you work with supportive people – colleagues and boss?
• Do you get the promotions and the increments you deserve?

If your answer is no to any of the above, you are in the correct place.

What if you could have everything you desire in your career?

Do know what stops you?

In this free workshop you will discover your blocks to achieving career success and what you can do to eliminate them

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